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Time marches on!
by F. A. Hutchison
2007-05-28 09:42:20
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'Time marches on! We're not getting any younger! Thank God!'

I've been pronounced 'healthy' by the Chinese Government! This in order to pursue obtaining a 'residence-work' visa.

So, one day we went to a new modern building with all the latest equipment to 'test' Haqi's body (they don't want unhealthy 'laowei' or is it to make more money? It cost 400RMB or $50U.S.) .

I had a chest Xray, electrocardiogram, blood taken and pressure checked, my eye sight and color blindness assessed, etc. The most amazing thing, I was the only 'customer' in the entire building (in Shanghai there would have been hundreds), thus I didn't have to wait (the best part). My systolic blood pressure was elevated (170/70), but I know why (only in these institutional situations)… A story…

Years ago (1956), when in high school (El Segundo H.S., California) we all took a physical examination. Nobody told me 'zip' about the results, including my parents (for shame), as the next thing I knew my parents were taking me to a heart specialist in L.A. (we lived in Portuguese Bend, 50 miles south).

There, without explanation, I was subjected to an electrocardiogram test. I was petrified, as young and such a 'big deal' made out of this! Of course, the test showed 'stress' (a 'functional' heart murmur). This 'news' once conveyed led me to a lifetime of concern about my heart--a 'stigma' of sorts! Although, it never prevented me from the most strenuous of athletics and military training (actually nothing wrong with my heart).

But, whenever I'm in those cold, institutional (heartless ironically) surroundings (all white and antiseptic), it's like an 'Affective Memory' exercise (a process in 'Method Acting whereby to remember an emotional by recreating the sense memories). They 'trigger' all the concern about my heart, and resultant stress increasing my blood pressure! Note, if I take my blood pressure at home (and know how) it would be 120/70 (note I can prove this!)! In a hospital, I'm like one of Pavlov's dogs… I 'salivate' when I hear the 'bell!'

I abhor modern medicine, as you must all know (that read me regularly). If you're into 'it,' fine as it's your body and life to lead (protect). I wish you well (as I feel sorry for you)!

Modern medicine is designed to find something wrong with you, not what's right--it's all hi-tech machinery! Thus, as a business (drug pushers), making one trillion U.S. dollars per year (in the U.S. alone).

I don't go to regular 'medical quack' doctors or to hospitals unless unconscious or have to (in the case of wanting a residence/work visa for China).

If I ever die of 'cancer,' I will not know it's cancer! It will just be another 'pain!' Once you diagnosed with cancer it's a 'death sentence!' Yes, sometimes it 'goes into remission,' but always returns as designed to return you to the 'cancer system' (the most efficient means of operating on your wallet ever devised!). But, you go ahead as it's all you know (since you know little of your body and how it functions)!

Me, I'm different, thank God!

You can read more on the Cycling Peace blog: www.cyclingpeace.blogspot.com

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Sand2007-05-28 18:05:29
What you don't know can hurt you.
I know people who have fought cancer and won more good time because they took precautions. Nothing guaranteed, of course, but it's worth the fight.

LL2007-08-16 00:56:18
Hey what's up with the trip - more news please and I wish happiness and goodness to you!

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