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North Korean negotiations North Korean negotiations
by Joseph Gatt
2019-05-13 07:59:02
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The main problem is that Kim Jung Eun is perceived like a god in his country. So Kim Jung Eun's line of work is on that deals a lot with propaganda, and the rest is trying to make money to preserve the elite's financial status.

Kim Jung Eun preserved his god-like image as he was engaging in verbal bickering with Donald Trump, and as he was testing nukes. But once Kim Jung Eun was brought to negotiate with Donald Trump, his god-like status started being questioned by the elite.

nothkor1_400The narrative in North Korea is that Kim Jung Eun is the one who brought Trump to kneel down to his demands, as Trump is the one who begged for a summit in Singapore. Kim Jung Eun was careful to orchestrate a narrative that would preserve his god-like status, as he preferred a long journey by train rather than a short journey by plane, and the train was glowing and shining. On his trip to Vietnam Kim Jung Eun used the same train, and his journey was equally covered as a long journey, one where the United States finally admitted defeat in the Korean war and want to beg for forgiveness as the North Korean narrative goes.

But the problem was Vietnam. When Trump and Kim did not reach a deal, the North Korean narrative was a confused narrative, one that said that Trump did not want to bend down to Kim's demands. But in North Korea the narrative itself is confusing, as no one refuses to bend down to the demands of the god.

North Koreans who had access to foreign media knew that it was Trump who walked out of the summit, while the North Korean media insisted that it was Kim who walked out of the summit.

Now you need to understand that in the 1994-2003 famines, the famines had happened just after Kim Il Sung's death. So North Koreans had interpreted the famines as a sign that the god had died and that there was no more god. It took several years for Kim Jung Il to build his image as a god, and the end of the famines coupled with nuclear tests helped Kim Jung Il build himself the status of a god.

But if there are famines in 2019, it will be very hard for North Koreans to find a narrative that justifies the famines. After all Kim Jung Il died in 2011, Kim Jung Eun has been around for 8 years, enough for Kim Jung Eun to build himself the reputation of a god. What could go wrong?

There are signs in North Korea, although burgeoning, that the North Koreans are tired of Kim Jung Eun. North Korean media used the headline “Kim Jung Un reelected” as chairman of the State Affairs Commission, when such headlines tend to go without saying and be avoided, as the term “reelected” is only used for human leaders, not gods. There are other subtle signs in the North Korean media that propaganda seems to be slipping away from Kim Jung Eun.

And these could be dangerous signs. After all Kim Jung Eun could make desperate attempts at remaining the leader, including starting wars.

If North Korea denuclearizes, Kim Jung Eun will lose a precious propaganda item, one that highlighted his might and that of his country. After all only gods have annihilation powers. However if there's a famine in North Korea, people and the elite will not forgive Kim for the famine, because there will have no alternative sources to blame than Kim Jung Eun.

South Korea is suggesting lifting sanctions and turning a blind eye to North Korean nukes, but what are the calculations for that? Lifting sanctions and turning a blind eye to North Korea's nukes will only reinforce Kim's image as a god, and he will remain unpredictable, using other whims to reinforce his image as a god while demanding more foreign aid and less sanctions.

So in the end the situation could end up being very dangerous. You have a man, who thinks he's a god, who's about to lose his status as a god, and who would do anything to remain a god. 

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