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Notes on gender equality Notes on gender equality
by Joseph Gatt
2019-05-09 08:43:17
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The myth says that women make 80 cents to the dollar or 70 cents to the dollar of what men make for doing the exact same tasks. There's some truth to the myth, but if you know anything about salary negotiation, you probably know that three factors are involved when men and women negotiate their salaries: diplomas, work experience and skills.

While I personally believe that all diplomas are equal and that no school is better than other, the average company believes in the supremacy of one diploma over the other. That is schools like the MIT, Caltech, or Sciences Po or HEC in France, or Oxford of Cambridge in the UK have predominantly male students. Indeed, women are underrepresented in elite schools.

equa01Why are women underrepresented in elite schools? Not that they get lower grades or have lower capabilities than men, all indicators seem to show that men and women on average are equal when it comes to reading, math or logic. But a woman who enrolls at an elite school tends to indirectly compromise her chances of motherhood, as joining an elite school often involves building a career that would make raising children difficult. In sum, a lot of women prefer not to join elite schools by choice.

The other factor in salary negotiation is experience. Again women and men have more or less the same experience, but don't always work for the same companies. In for the average employer, not all work experience has the same value, as most employers give better-known companies higher value than lesser-known companies. Again, women tend to choose lesser-known companies to avoid being stuck in a career that would prevent motherhood.

Finally, when it comes to skills, again men and women tend to have the same skills or the same skillset, although men tend to be overrepresented in computer and engineering skills. Again computer and engineering are fields where you have to dedicate your entire career, thus compromising the chance of motherhood; as such careers involve long working hours and tedious work.

In sum, at a lot of companies men and women do the exact same job yet men get a lot more pay than women. That is because men tend to put forward their diplomas, skills and work experience in their salary negotiation, and although men and women do the exact same job, women get paid less for having less experience, lower-tier degrees and fewer skills.

The other myth is that people believe that you should get paid the same amount of pay for the same amount of work. But as you all know, a lot of company CEOs play golf all day and have orgies with groups of prostitutes, while their staff engages on 7 to midnight jobs making phone calls, fixing machines, filing reports, doing accounting work and other work. Yet the manager will get paid 50,000 a year, while the CEO will make a couple of million a year for playing golf and banging whores.

Women also tend to be overlooked for promotion, because, in a realistic workplace, work for boardroom members often involves nights out with heavy drinking, sexual orgies, and other forms of hedonistic activities that women tend not to take part in. So women tend to get promoted at companies where there are more women at the top, as women at the top tend to prefer refined cuisine and shopping for high-end jewelry and luxury brands as their day to day activities.

So the whole argument that women tend to have fewer opportunities because they are women tends to be a little weak. Yes women have fewer opportunities than men at the workplace and get paid less than men for the same job, but merely because of the realities the workplace involves.

As for women getting equal pay for equal work, I'd like to see the jetsetting, golf-playing, buffet-hopping, whisky-drinking, cocaine-sniffing, gambling addict and orgy addict CEO make 20,000 a year when the guys at the bottom who do all the real work make 100,000 a year or more, because that would be equal work for equal pay.

So the workplace is a little crass and dirty. I do hope diplomas, experience and skills get less weight in salary negotiations. When workers get the same pay for the same amount of work, they tend to get along better and compete less. When they get paid for “diplomas” or “experience” they tend to downplay each other's diplomas and experience, and end up downplaying each other. There are other problems with gender issues, but I'll stop there.

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