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DigiFrance 2007
by Centre Culturel Francais
2007-05-31 09:45:26
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Building the future of digital creation in Europe: participate in DigiFrance 2007

The world’s video game and multimedia creation industry is a lucrative business of about 18 billion euros per year, more than two and half-fold the turnover of American movie industry. The promises in this sector are such that perhaps in the future it will surpass the volume of music industry.

Whilst the world market in video games is dominated by American and Japanese big companies (Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Sony and Microsoft), representing 38% of the total sales, European companies still hold a significant position especially in the publishing and in the creative front.

Three French companies (Infogrames, Ubi Soft, and Vivendi Universal) publish 24% of the world markets of entertainment software. Other competitors like Nokia and Sony-Ericsson, world leaders in mobile communications, have become interested to offer games on their mobile phones. Some of their products are even used only to play such as the N-gage mobile-consol marketed by Nokia.

Digifrance will be held in Finland. It will enable players and professionals of the video game industry to meet and share their passion for games. For this second video game forum, the conference will focus on 3D graphics.

The event will take place on Friday 1 June 2007 at Helsinki technological centre (HTC). The event is coordinated by the French embassy in Helsinki.

Financial support for the forum is arranged by the regional French audio-visual office based in Stockholm, the French-Finnish association for research and technology and the French foreign affairs ministry.



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