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Barren Field Barren Field
by Nikos Laios
2019-05-06 09:22:22
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They had walked
In the valleys
And between
The jagged cliffs,
Walked over red deserts
And harsh landscapes
Under the hot sun
And beating wings
And vulture stares
And suspicious eyes.

They bobbed
In the sea with
Their orange
Life vests,
And their dark
Skin glistened 
Under the

img_1604_field_of_flowers_400Winters are harsh
In the Mediterranean,
And they wondered
What they were doing
There floating in
The middle of an

They could have stayed
In their villages and small
African towns, but they
Were hungry, starving,
Desperate and poor.

What would you
Have done
If that was

People can be cruel,
Events occurring on
The other side of
The world become
Meaningless statistics
And numbers.

They floated
In the ocean
Clinging to the
Overturned hull
Of their boat,
Or floating on
Their backs
Held up by
Their orange
Life vests
To the sound
Of slapping waves,
With the cold chill
Of the night wind
Numbing their faces,
But they still had hope
And clung to this
As well.

Hope that
They would live,
Hope that they
Would survive,
Hope that somewhere
In the world people cared,
Hope that there
Is love in the world,
Hope that they
Too can find
A brand new

The next day,
Orange life vests
Washed up on a beach,
And newly unmarked graves
Flourished on a barren field
Somewhere on a
Small Greek island:
And the church bells pealed,
And it was a Sunday,
And the locals filled
The church for mass
And prayed to god
For the poor lost
African souls,
And their hearts were
Filled with sadness
At the tragic
Loss of life.

The dead
Were desperate
And as the
Weeks and months
Passed the rest
Of the world
Had forgotten them;
They had become
A small column
In the pages of
Newspapers that now
Lined garbage bins.

Yet these poor
Greek islanders
Never forgot,
And the old grandmothers
Of the island tended
To the unmarked
African graves
With care as if they 
Belonged to their
Own children;
For they were mothers
And knew how their
Mothers must
Have felt.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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