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The constitution of a crisis The constitution of a crisis
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-05-05 08:43:14
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The United States of America was never the perfect democracy, far from that; however it took one man and his amoral opportunistic court to show everybody how deep the problem is.

The American constitution was the golden crown of democracy for its time; 231 years later, a civil war, two world wars and a few other wars after and in between, a social and economic change, even with the latest MeToo movement, times have change and the American constitution is not enough to defend a 21st century democracy.

tru1_400Furthermore the addition of amendments didn’t fix anything on the contrary their often ambiguous form convenient at the time they were written, opened the door for questionable, even anti-democratic interpretations like it happens this moment with the second amendment that is used to stop gun control despite the often mass shootings.

However with a lot of faith, sense of responsibility and democratic inspiration from the people who found themselves in the US presidency, this constitution worked. And it mainly worked because it had a lot of help. Because people understood the spirit of the law, the needs of the many even when that meant ignoring the letter of an anachronistic law. Most importantly, all of them sought the constitution as a tool to protect the people. All the people.Unconditionaly and without prejudice.

This ended in 2017 when one man and his court misunderstood the role of the president of the USA to a Saudi Arabian king and started behaving accordingly against every single democratic principal initiating a series of prejudices, bigotries, homophobia even racism into laws and …executive orders. The same time, people incompetent for any state office with credentials like Fox News commentator or reality show participants Trump produced, became the peak of a spear aiming the discredit of international institutions and global agreements. A closet supremacist with obvious sociopathic issues became secretary of Homeland Security and a man who thinks that we still live in 1972 has become National Security Advisor.

This is NOT a political crisis and a new president with the power of a few executive orders will not be enough to fix what Trump has done and will do till his turn ends. The crisis in USA is not political anymore. It was political till January 2017, today it is constitutional and it will take far more than a democratic victory in 2020 to fix it.

Actually and ironically the best proof of the constitutional element of this crisis is the Mueller report. Mueller failed to base an accusation that would lead to the impeachment but the same time he also failed to clear Trump. Mueller found himself prisoner of an anachronistic constitution and hostage of its paraphrasers inside and outside the Capitol Hill.

The American politicians, even the new blood, refuse to acknowledge the institutional dimension of the crisis making solutions more difficult, actually their denial makes them part of the problem and the consequences unpredictable for the years to come since I already read that some of the democrat candidates thinking that if they become president to fix Trump’s errors using exclusively executive orders.

And all that without thinking what will happen if Trump wins a second turn!

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