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A prayer for the dementia of the flesh A prayer for the dementia of the flesh
by Abigail George
2021-12-19 07:35:47
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(For the Dutch poet Joop Bersee)

    ‘The flame in the snow’, in the field,
    In the wild ‘song of songs’ wilderness of
    The green sea. Its energy poured itself
    Into me and names whispered secrets of men
    And women, banning, detention, a political
dime01_400    South Africa, of apartheid, freedom,
    The struggle, Biko, Bantu education,
    Sharpville, and the call for democracy.
    There’s a harvest there ‘born a crime’.
    ‘Unstoppable’. Today I wrote two poems
About Alice Munro’s short stories and
    Haruki Murakami. Made a prayer list. Once

You flowed into me. Into my intellect and psyche.
    Once you were so loved, grateful, and thankful

    And then the book grew up, spread its
    Wings and became the law of the land.
    I thought you would bless your children
    Abundantly. Give back instead of taking.
    Instead you built churches (not such a bad thing)
    And there are still many who wonder what
    This word ‘free’ means. It feels more suburban
    (Gated community behind high walls)
    Than rural countryside. It feels as if
    Something bright and clever is swimming
    In the water liberally. The rub of love.
No newspaper. No Moses to rescue us from all our grief.
    Then I remembered. I remembered all.
    No cacophony underwater. No sprinting away.
    This image shifts. It is always shifting.

    Wildflowers are smiling at me. Watery melancholy
    Found in the secret folds of our lungs. Phrases
    Tender like sleeping houses. I belong here.
Mankind has secured me this excellent cave. Ghosts fall.
    I’m alone. Darkness comes. Green sea washes
    Over me. The birds rejoice in this cold.
    Look at these blue wrists. Fist like a
    Small bird. Mother is muse. Father is prince
    Of his kingdom found at the edge of the river.
    You are peace and struggle found in the
    Northern seas. Found in my nation’s sea-lungs.

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