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Blue Bus Blue Bus
by Nikos Laios
2019-04-28 07:35:20
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A cool night breeze
Gently whispers through
An open window
Bringing in the fresh aroma
Of crushed rose petals,
And the lamplight flickers,
And I can hear the roar
Of the ocean from
The nearby

electric_horsesThe night sleeps
And the stars
Twinkle in the
Dark sky,
And the pages
Of ancient books
Spread out
On the carpet
Flap open,
And sleep 
Takes hold
Of me.

I dream of Homer
And Odysseus,
The seafaring Minoans,
Pindar, the poets,
The golden age
Of Athens
And the glory
Of Ancient Rome,
Dante, Machiavelli
And the clanging
Church bells.

I dream
Of sailors
And travellers,
Courtiers, harlequins,
Merchants, artisans,
Priests and princesses,
Thieves, lovers
And the explorers
That have crossed
The world.

I dreamt of
The adventure
Of the human soul
And our journey
Through time
And space

Then I wake
To the buzz of
The morning alarm
Clock with bleary
Eyes and stretch
My arms and rub
My face as I walk
To the window
To the suburban smell
Of coffee beans.

A haze starts to slowly
Settle over the distant
City skyline to the
Mechanical sounds of
A steel and cement metropolis:
The beeping car horns,
The metal clatter of
Garbage bins and
Traffic noise,
The stampede
Of morning crowds
On crowded streets,
And the rush of
Trams, buses
And subway trains,
And the flowing freeways
Sending clouds of car smoke
Up into the blue sky.

The alarm clock
Buzzes again
And I wear my suit
And run my fingers
Through my hair,
And step outside
And head towards
The city in a blue bus
Filled with standing people
With serious faces,
And I catch a glimpse
Of the reflection
Of my own serious face
In the bus window,
As I consider
Our journey ahead.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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