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Diplomas, experience, skills or all three? Diplomas, experience, skills or all three?
by Joseph Gatt
2019-04-27 06:09:25
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There are companies who only look at diplomas. Then there are companies who only look at experience. Then there are companies who only look at skills. Then there are companies who look at diplomas and experience, diplomas and skills, experience and skills, diplomas, experience and skills. Let me break these down for you.

Companies who only look at diplomas

Diplomas. Where students have zero power and zero authority. Students are the slaves of their master teachers, and do what their master teachers tell them.

stud01_400So when companies only want diplomas, they tend to be companies where power is concentrated at the top, and where workers perform tasks ordered by the top. Such companies want good students that are workers who can get the ordered job well done. Such companies don't want people who challenge the authority of the decision-makers.

Companies who only look at experience

Those are companies who tend to have a problem with idealism. That is such companies know that the less experience you have, the more idealistic you will be about your job and working conditions. So such companies want to weed out people who want to change the world and bring world peace through their job, and want people who know the realities of the job.

Companies who only look at skills

Such companies tend to give workers a large degree of autonomy and want a job well-done. They want people with skills so they can cut costs on training, and tend to focus on customer satisfaction.

Companies who look at diplomas and experience

Such companies tend to have authoritarian rule where decisions are taken at the top, but also want to rule out idealists who come to the job thinking they can change the world. That is they tend to want workers who can do as they're told, but also workers who have enough job experience to know that you can't bring world peace through your job, and that you're probably not going to get promoted next month.

Companies who look at diplomas and skills

Such companies want a job well-done, but also want to weed out the ambitious figures on the job. That is they want a job well-done through good skills, but also don't want people to challenge authority. Because that's what they teach you in college, not to challenge the authority of the professors.

Companies who look at experience and skills

They want someone with skills, but also want someone who has tested his skills previously at a company and who has actual experience working with a team and getting the job done. That is they don't want someone with skills but perhaps with too many expectations about the job.

Companies who look at diplomas, experience and skills

First off, you're not going to find a lot of people with diplomas, experience and skills because such people usually already have jobs. So you're probably providing excellent paychecks and work conditions, and want someone who can get the job done perfectly, but without challenging your authority.

Notes on diplomas, experience and skills

If you make it to Harvard it probably means that you've probably never challenged anyone's authority, not challenged the authority of your parents, of your tutors, of your teachers and of your professors.

The more experience you have, the less idealistic you will be about your job. People who want to hire workers with experience want workers who know what to expect on the job. Entry-level workers tend to have big dreams, and those dreams get smaller as workers cash in experience.

What you really need on the job is skills. The problem with people with good or excellent skills is that they know they are good and they tend to challenge the authority and have big expectations about their future. So a lot of companies take workers with diplomas and experience, and try to get workers with average or below average skills. However, companies that are in crisis and need to move forward with sales, or organizations that need a cleaner reputation tend to do away with people with diplomas and experience and tend to hire people with skills. However, once those with skills reach the top, they t end to go back to hiring people with diplomas or experience, as such workers rarely challenge authority.

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