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Angel Love #2 Angel Love #2
by David Sparenberg
2019-04-27 06:11:14
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Make love to the angel: cultivate the angel to birth angelic culture into our interspecies endangering, humanly dangerous world.  A culture where, amid myriad strengths, love is greatest.

ange001_400Not those angels, titans in their quantum spheres.  Not the others either, overseeing the laws of nature and seasons, and of cyclical time.  Those have we most offended.

Make love to the angel intimate in the soul.  The personified in your treasure trove as regent or as refugee.  Who resides in the residency of your soul?  What voice comes secretly upon you?  You dream and are your dreams empowered with wings and rainbows?  Or is your angel chained in the shadow confines of blood arguments and fear?

Decipher this metaphoric questioning.  Now…

Make love to the angel.  Do not let hatred poison your vital waters.  Do not violence make desolate your sacred terrain.  Ardently strive for angel liberation.

The Tree of Life desires to flourish from you.  The angel of your soul; a greater you than who you are; would wear your shoes, dress in your clothes, walk and dance among us—radiant, compassionate, embraceable.

Acclimate and acculturate to the passion of your angel.

Reaching the height of your heights, where solitude encounters self-reflection, there combines in meditation, the angel as epiphany in longing happens.  In presence of this configuration, you are not alone. But then you never were!  Make love to the angel.


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