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Trumpty: America's Trauma Drama-King Trumpty: America's Trauma Drama-King
by Leah Sellers
2019-04-25 08:45:25
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“You read that Mueller Report yet, Sam ?” Maybelle asked over her shoulder as she put the screwdriver down she had been using on their old Ford tractor.

“Maybelle, that thing you downloaded from the Internet is 400 and somethin’
pages long. With all of the Work I’ve got to do around here, and on the Job, I don’t have time to sit and piddle over dad-blamed Government Papers. In fact, how about I put ’em to good use as toilet paper,” Sam chuckled, as he picked up the screw driver and finished tightening the large screw Maybelle had been working to get back onto Old Betsy.

“Sam, you have just outlined the differences between the Educated and UnEducated. The Ignorant and the Knowledgeable,” Maybelle said pointedly.

muel01_400“Oh, don’t go all Missy Smarty-Pants on me, Gal. I’ve worked hard my whole Life. I deserve more Respect,” Sam said gruffly.

“And I don’t ?” Maybelle retorted defiantly putting her hands on her hips. She held down Five Jobs to his Two. Maybelle was a Home Maker, Care Giver, Church Lady, Farm Hand and part-time Cashier at the local HEB Grocery Store.

Sam grinned, “Alright, you got me. I’ll try and sit down to read that dad-burned Mueller Report this evening after dinner. I just don’t understand why you don’t just tell me what it says, Maybelle.”

“I’ll talk to you about it, but you really need to read it for yourself, Sam. That way you can reach your own conclusions,” Maybelle answered earnestly.

“Well, what have you concluded, Honey-bunch ?” Sam asked a bit sarcastically.

“Well, I have been tellin’ you for years now that Trumpty is a No Good, Lyin’ Con-Man-Play-Boy who turns anything he touches to Gold-Plated Rot and Ruin, and now it is Documented. He’s gotta’ be held to Account. He needs to be Impeached, and told to leave the White House, and get on back to his so-called Winter Palace, Mired-In-Sludgo,” Maybelle said definitively.

“I thought his Golf Haven was called Mar-a-lago ?” Sam asked rhetorically.

“Not in my Book,” Maybelle said emphatically. “Anybody who golfs or dines there is Mired-In-Trumpty’s-Sludgo.”

“And that A.G. guy, Barr. I expected more form him. But he’s done nothin’ but out-and-out Lie to the American Public for weeks about almost everything for that Scalwag Trumpty. In fact, he’s just another Trumpty-Humpty that needs to be Dumptied,” Maybelle quipped.

“Heck, Sam, in a lot of ways Trumpty’s whole Life is a Lie. A Golden Web with a very venomous Spider Creature crawling and sneaking around, weaving nothing but UnReality Reality Scripts, and puttin’ on dangling’, spinnin’ shows in a Confusin’ World of nothin’ but sticky, icky, poisonous Lies and Nothin’ to do about much at all !”

“Maybelle, you sure know how to be a little bit of a Drama Queen yourself, Honey,” Sam said with a sideways grin.

“Oh, I’m just gettin’ wound up, Sammie. You just hang in there with me for a little while longer. You asked. So, I’m answerin’ what was asked,” Maybelle said poignantly.

“And as for the Redactions made on this first batch of the Mueller Report. Well, as far as I am concerned, Barr and his henchmen, phony, baloney, crony Redactors need to be Redacted from the offices they all hold. Liars, selling and cherry pickin’ more Lies !”

“It’s enough to make a Body want to start drinkin’!” Maybelle joked.

“Speakin’ of drinkin’ , you got that batch of Sun-made Tea ready yet ?” Sam broke in.

“Yes. It’s been sittin’ in the sun since 8:00 this morning. I’ll go check on it, and fix us some on ice as soon as I’m finished rantin’ and ravin’ about Trumpty and his Crew,” Maybelle said flippantly.

“Well, that should work up a real thirst in the both of us, Hon,” Sam said good naturedly.

“And just imagine what that Michael Cohen, Trumpty’s Fixer, must feel like. All he did was what Trumpty told him to do. He even wrote the cheques out to Trumpty’s Barbie Doll play things, and Cohen’s sittin’ in jail, and is on his way to Prison !”

“Trumpty had Cohen pay off several women to keep them quiet about their affairs with Trumpty, and Cohen’s going to Prison, while Trumpty, as usual, as he’s done his whole mean-spirited and Law Breakin’ Life, is still President and is off playin’ golf at his Spy Hotel, Mired-In-Sludgo ! What is wrong with this picture, Sam ? Everything ! That’s What !”

“And Trumpty, and his Family members and cronies and cohorts, conspired with Scootin’ Putin and some of the Russian Oligarchs and their Spies and Operatives, to sabotage and weaken America’s Electoral System, and divide our Great Nation, that they had already been attacking before Trumpty even ran for President, in order to further continue their efforts to do so, by attacking Hillary with a bunch of smear campaigns about her Emails and Benghazi, and her Health and so on and so on and so forth, on Social Media and other platforms and at pre-arranged events, and falsely raised Trumpty‘s Ego, Lies, and Acclaim to the roof tops, and to the Presidency. And it worked, Sam. It worked.”

“America got played, and the Russians, and their Allies, got by with it through their Chosen Chump, Trumpty. And if this can happen to Us, it can happen to anybody.”

“They targeted America’s trouble spots and the unexpectedly economically downtrodden, and Trumpty got put into office, because of that Casino Numbers Game we call the Electoral College. Hillary won the Popular Vote, but the trouble spots in America had more chips in the Numbers Game of the Electoral College, and Trumpty got Put into the White House.

“America’s dark underbelly put him into office, with Scootin’ Putin’s and Assange’s Wiki Leaks help. And Hillary’s emails on her private server, which is no different from Ivanka and Jared’s private servers, is like steppin’ into a little ’ole mud puddle compared to the treacherous disloyalties and slimy, underhanded Profiteering toward America and her People that have been perpetrated by Trumpty and his Bunch since they crawled into the White House, and began their Abuses of Power.”

“And now, they’re all runnin’ around scott free and laughin’ all the way to the Global Banks while they Over Tax Folks like Us, in order to give the Rich a great, big Tax Break at America’s Middle Class’ and Poor’s expense !”

“And they are takin’ away our Healthcare and puttin’ the Control and Costs of it right back into the Greedy maws of the UnRegulated Profiteering of those flesh and bone peckin’ Insurance, Medical and Pharmaceutical Corporations.”

“A dysfunctional Medical System whose overbearing Costs stress out the already Sick, because they want to argue about every penny and try to shrug their exorbitant Costs all off onto our backs to bear.”

“They Heal your Body while breaking your Financial Backbone. What sense does that make, I ask you ?”

“Well, I’ll tell you ! None ! None at all !”

“Sorry, Sam, I got a little off of the Mueller Reports, but it’s all interconnected, because it’s all based on a Mindset. A very old and sick Mindset of A Few being better than and more deserving than The Many, and I’m sick of it, because that’s a Lie, too, Sam ! A flim-flammin’ Lie !”

“Trumpty is despoiling our Great Nation. He is ruining and undermining our Democracy and all that most Americans hold to be True, Honorable and
Real !”

“Trumpty Lies to cover up other Lies and then he tells his Lackeys to Lie about the cover up Lies and the original Lies, until all that Folks can see are Lies upon Lies. It‘s exhaustin‘ !”

“This is not how we have raised our Young’uns to Be or to Behave, Sam. We have not raised them to be Lying, Law Breaking Scoundrels so that they, too, can become President of the United States of America !”

“We have to consider what all of this is Teaching our Children, and the kind of World we are leaving them with !”

“And this UnFit President is not who I want them to Admire and Emulate.”

“Can you imagine a World in which EveryOne aspired to be a Trumpty-like Lying and Conniving, Volatile and Dis-ruptive Con-Man or Con-Woman, Play-Boy or Play-Girl ? Is that what everyone wants their Children to Be ? Is that the World we want to pass on to our Children ?”

Sam reached out to hug Maybelle, “Maybelle, you are gettin’ yourself way too worked up over all of this.”

“You bet I am, Sam. This is all too serious for Us not to ! And the Republicans are just as bad as Trumpty. They are so interested in their own positions of Power and the Money it brings their way, that they are all supporting a man who behaves more like an Anti-Christ as they profess to be Christians, and work very hard to bring about the Second Coming by handing Israel over to the Jewish people, while running rough-shod over the Palestinians, who also belong to those Lands and the ancient histories of that Land.”

“Trumpty has all of his Republican lackeys running around telling everybody that the Emperor is wearing clothes, when almost everyone knows that Wanna-Be Dictator King Trumpty is running around as naked as a jay bird with pink feathers and an orange cock’s comb !”

“I say Impeach them all ! And let’s Vote in a whole new batch of Enlightened and Forward Thinking Candidates with Paper Ballots the Russians, Chinese, and any other foreign country can’t get their Hacking little fingers to Wiki Leak out !”

“Maybelle, you can’t Impeach them all,” Sam said flatly.

“I know that. But I sure wish that we could, because all of the Republicans are so disappointing. They feel so disloyal to me. Trumpty has placed himself Above the Law, and they have allowed and helped him to do it.”

“Trumpty is a Conspirer and an Obstructer. It’s just that the folks he had around him originally refused to Conspire and Obstruct right along with him on several occasions, and that’s why he slid by this long. But Trumpty has hurt America and her Allies. He has taught other Dictators what they can get by with in order to Lie their way into offices around the Globe. And the longer we all allow him to stay in office, the worse it will get here at Home and Everywhere else. His MindSet is a Corruption and Blight upon Our Land and Our Planet. ”

“Trumpty and his People don’t care about the Life of this Planet and the Future of our Children on Earth.”

“He doesn’t want to Save America or the Planet. He is a Nation and a Planet Destroyer who wants to Profit off of all of the things we are All Doing that are killing our Democracy and the Earth.”

“His kind of MIndSet makes no Sense for the Future, and neither do any of the rest Us if we don’t stop folks like him from forcing these Destructive Habits and Patterns to be perpetuated instead of Transforming our Economies, and the Ways we Perceive things and Do things.”

“And all of this is in the Mueller Report ?” Sam asked.

“No, no. I did get a little carried away again, but it really is all interconnected, Sam. Anyways, that’s the reason that I told you that you need to read the Report for yourself. So that you can get your own take on what Mueller and his folks investigated and discovered about Trumpty’s Destructive Trauma Dramas upon America.”

“I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a little of your Sun-made Tea right about now,” Sam suggested.

As Sam and Maybelle left the Barn and headed toward their Home Sam said, “And I promise to start readin’ that gol-danged Mueller Report tonight. Alright ?”

“Thank you, Sam. I promise, you’ll not regret it.”


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