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A fast A fast
by Bohdan Yuri
2021-10-21 08:44:26
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Cosmic order, young or old,
eternal life shed from bright,
move along on stilted visions,
swiftly set our hearts afire.
Speck our path, give us quarrel,
make us guess, create our best.
Immortal nature, elastic,
invented shapes set so casual,
shifting flaws on demand,
stalking creatures set to kill,
green and willed, moving fast,
and swirling along into spin.

Virtue sails on calmer seas,
while thought, our ghastly gift,
soon begins our mortal sin,
sorrow, a ruined innocence,
wicked devotion is too grim,
this mingled medley stirs our lot.

The colors, they seem so dim,
shredded breath fogs our death.
Close your eyes, bring us nearer,
start again, we’ll all be clearer.
Heavens purged by silent winds,
mindless, they soar so softly.

Absurd, the jagged edges,
that tear away the purest flesh.
Fantasies, asking, most demanding,
paste our talent for disorder.
Better to forget us, we need not last,
perhaps the reason for a fast.


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