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Silence & All Syllabic! Silence & All Syllabic!
by Saloni Kaul
2019-04-16 07:32:00
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The solitary and silent by themselves all stay
And feed like melancholy long on thought
Until they think it wise to join the fray
And share the wise collection they have brought.
Like seabirds lonesome lead their own lives all
Year in and out in manner mode emphatic
Until they heed their offshore gatherings’ call ,
Their one and only social life activity bucolic.
Ah what a time of merriment it is ! all syllabic !
All squawk and shriek and flaunt of exhibitionistic traits,
A congregation wild in celebration rustic
Before in flocks they all fly off, migrate.
For miles on end the long winter evaders fly ,
Each evening, somewhere new, flocks fly up to surprise the sky.



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