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Richest Man In The World Richest Man In The World
by Nikos Laios
2019-04-09 10:07:05
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I sat in
The darkness
And looked out
Through a window
At the green paddocks
And rusted silos and tractors,
And the white flaking paint
Of the old wooden house
Next door under the moonlight.

richestman_400The only bar
In town was packed,
And the neon signs
Advertising various
Alcohol glowed
Behind the bar
Reflecting in the mirror,
The beer flowed,
And the town’s folk were
Dressed in their Sunday
Best listening to folk music.

This town had seen
Its heyday but globalism
Had killed it off and the
Townsfolk knew it,
But they clung on
Bravely and spent
The few dollars
They had to spare
In that bar once a week,
Where they all
Gathered together to
Drink, laugh and dance
And forget about
Their daily woes
For one night.

I thought about
All those city-folk
In their apartments
And their cold brick
Houses in the big cities
Eating their TV dinners
In front of the television
On trays by themselves,
And I wondered
Who really had
It better?

I thought about
Escaping to the
Big cities when
I was much younger
To find my fortune,
But I stayed in
The county town
That I loved.

I knew everyone
In town and was
Either directly or
Indirectly related
To a fair few of them.

We celebrated all
Our joys together,
Consoled each other
In our moments of grief,
Celebrated our festivals
And had belief in our hearts,
And if someone needed help
We never left them alone.

I had a plate of
Hot food on the table
Everyday, people that loved
Me and a place that I had
Deep roots in.

I would sit on the mountaintops
Many times and take in the view
Of the valleys below and the
Blue-coloured mountain peaks
Disappearing like steps into
The mist and over the horizon,
And the majesty
Of that wild raw beauty
And the silence of the valleys
Would take my breath away,
Especially under the stars
At night.

I would rather live
In a dying country town
Than a soulless
Cold city.

I had no use for gadgets,
iPhones, lottery tickets,
Fashion, takeaway food,
Cable television subscriptions,
Social media,
The urine-beer soaked
Back-alleyways of big cities,
Or the luxury of an existential
Crisis of identity.

For I knew who I was
And where I belonged;
I had my green paddocks
And rusted silos and tractors,
And the one bar in town
Where everyone that I have ever
Loved was in there right now
And they’re waiting for me
To join them, and at that
Moment I felt like the
Richest man in the world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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