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Living with an IQ of 220 Living with an IQ of 220
by Joseph Gatt
2019-03-30 09:17:41
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Last time I took the IQ test was in 2006. I remember scoring 110, which is just above average. I had taken the test several times and scored 110 each time, scoring 120 once.

I took the test recently and got 220, when the Guinness world record states that the world record holder has an IQ test score of 228. This means my score doubled, and if I were to take it again, I would probably score above the 200 mark.

Now I can hear “jealous” people going like “nah IQ tests are garbage, they don't mean anything!” But the fact that I doubled my test score in the past 13 years means a lot to me in terms of personal achievement. I read hundreds of books took hundreds of MOOCs and engaged in all kinds of intellectual contemplations, many of which are published here in Ovi.

iq001_400Am I still unemployed? You bet I am. When was my last paycheck? October 2017. How much was my last paycheck? 250 US dollars. How many jobs have I applied to? Hundreds. How many invitations to job interviews did I get? Nothing. So indeed, if you want to be sarcastic, IQ tests don't mean anything in the world of jobs and making money.

So what's the IQ test anyways? It's a test. The one I took was a little strange, as different organizations have different formats. I took mine online, 30 questions, mostly math, puzzles, logic, verbal reasoning and space reasoning. Questions are very tricky; I got 22 questions right and 8 questions wrong, 22 multiplied by 10 means my total score was 220. Had I said that Antarctica was an ocean (I still think it's more of a continent, but the correct answer was ocean) I would have broken the world record with 230 points.

I must also say that I took the test after a night of little sleep, and did not take the time to think through many of the questions.

So how does high IQ apply to real life? It can get pretty lonely. I see a lot of logic where many people see no logic. When I watch the news, I can usually tell what fake news is and what real news is. The question I ask myself a lot is, “why are they covering this demonstration, and not the one before that demonstration?” or “why are they covering this assassination when they said little to none about the previous one?” or sometimes “are there mass shootings that are not reported?”

Same goes for when I read books. I usually read the kind of books that are well-written, or very well-written. I usually identify gaps in what is written and fill them out myself.

Same goes for languages. I believe I can learn any language, but would need a year or two of intensive immersion to learn the language. I wouldn't believe anyone who tells me that they learned a language through textbooks or YouTube channels.

Math and physics problems don't scare me. I don't know all the answers, but I know I can spend sleepless nights trying to solve the problems, and I know solving the problems can take time.

But academia isn't about IQ. Academia isn't about intelligence or being smart. Academia is a bunch of professors competing to become the next dean, or competing for that next grant, or competing for that promotion, trying to rub shoulders with the university president so they can sit at the board of trustees or lead a department, all this while working 12 hour workweeks, bossing around slave Teacher's Assistants, while dismissing any other professors as “garbage” because they're competing for the same grants and dean positions. And once that professor gets to be the dean, he or she tries to fire those professors they were competing with. Nothing to do with intellect, or with reading books and writing papers.

To prove my point, I refused to take an IQ test between 2006 and 2019. I never thought I would score so high, although I engage in intellectual activity day in and day out. I would not have taken the IQ test had it not been for a US citizenship mock test I had been taking to see if I scored higher than the average American. I took the US citizenship test and got 90%, I got the question about the Missouri river wrong as I know very little about American rivers. The website then offered and IQ test, and took the challenge.

Now I can't go to the supermarket nor to the pub and say “can I have free groceries and free drinks? My IQ test score is 220!” So I still have to beg for money here and there, survive on allowances, and walk 2 miles to wash my dirty laundry as my washing machine is not working and I can't afford a new one. As for getting a job, now that I'll be putting my IQ score on my resume, maybe I'll have a shot at a job that pays 200 bucks a month. 

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