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Therapy or Spring Therapy or Spring
by Abigail George
2019-03-24 09:39:31
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(for the Dutch poet Joop Bersee)

    I lose myself in Johannesburg. Up
streets. Down streets. I know its map
    like I know the back of my hand.
    Darkened alleys filled with smoky-twisted
spring0_400    air. I lose myself in warmed-up hell.
    The stepchild of heaven. Wildness-
    paradise. The abundance of shoes.
    Pretty dresses and brown stockings
    in a chest of drawers. Perhaps God wants us
    to be fulfilled in our lives and live our purpose.
    Led by challenges and a mission.
    A higher road less travelled like
    somewhere to Calvary, or Lazarus or
    the shroud of Turin, or the birthplace

of the Christ.

    I don’t know anything about this myth, do you.       
I glanced out the window where the
    flight of day turns into night. I am
    left staring into rain-soaked mud-filled
    hollows in the grass. The parliament
    of memory is now accepted. I dream
    that an earthquake has hit Johannesburg
    in the middle of the night. Seawater
is just an afterthought. I wake up. It will be a
    few hours until daylight. There is
    everything to be done. Everything to lose.   
The road to solitary loneliness must
    be put away. The death of the iron-
    gates of moonlight curating current
    and tide. The army of people that was
    previously in the streets staging a
    protest march has all gone to bed.
    In the morning, I will layer my lashes
    with mascara to make me feel beautiful.
    I smuggle myself into the big life
 question- mark withdrawal symptom of it all.
    Spiritually I must know God, not
    Just of Him. His eyes were blue,
    then green, then brown. Does it
    matter. Did it matter. I let go then of
    the emptiness. Sinking into the hymn of loneliness in the
    rainstorm-arms of this city. In another girl’s
life. Destined to be somewhere in another divine-life.  

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