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We Protected them from the horrors NOT the hate We Protected them from the horrors NOT the hate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-03-16 09:16:26
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For the next few days there are going to be tens of articles and analysis for the causes of one more horrific hate shooting. The number 49 is beyond devastating. But what never stops horrifying me is the youth of the shooters. This time in his twenties …again.

Twenties supposed to be still the period of romanticism in human life and not of hate. Still, 49 dead verify the opposite. 49 humans that defer with the killer in their religion and place of birth murdered in their place of worship. In the name of …what? Christianity?

nz001_400But returning to the young of the shooters’ age there is a truth we must face. Most of us who have born before the end of sixties, having lived the horror of the WWII directly or indirectly through our parents’ eyes, tried hard to protect our kids from the repulsion of genocides, cannibalism, fascism and Nazism separating the horror from the fear and isolating the events geographically. In this naïve mission we all found the support of the states. The brightest example the fact that for a lot of nations (Hungary and Poland among others) the holocaust is something between the Germans and Jews and not a global crime that weights on all of us.

We pulled our conscious away from our sins creating a tempting and full mysticism forbidden apple instead of a truly rotten, parasitic and poisonous crop. And the youth went for it instead after it.

There are two generation plus a third entering about now, who believe that the Holocaust was something isolating that happened in a specific place lost in history like …the Atlantis. Poland wants to erase from history any connection with the concentration camps even though the most famous one was in Poland guarded by Germans and among others: Polish collaborators. The same Polish who participated in one of the worst anti-Semitic hunts in history in the Warsaw Ghetto. 

Younger generations don’t learn anymore human history. They don’t learn the dark side of humanity. They learn isolated generalizations and selected events that raise their “patriotic” spirit. If you are not in Israel, the holocaust might not even be part of your education and the Nazis are like …emo with black shining uniforms and a mania for parades and not the serial killers they really were

Oddly, the last thirty years we have literally seen only two serious effects to reach a wider public and educate them on who the Nazis really where, where it happened and what actually happened those days, both cinematic. Once from Steven Spielberg with “Schindler's List” in 1993 and once with Roberto Benigni’s “Life Is Beautiful” in 1997. Except that there is South Korean pop group that wears Nazi uniforms in their gigs and Nazis in the moon building invasion armies far before NASA’s landing. That’s the picture most of today’s youth has from Nazism. And this is where one part of the cure lays.

The other part is in politics. The fact that fascism and Nazism has entered mainstream politics, parliaments and prime ministerial offices is cancer. The fact that the resident of the white house today is a racist crypto-authoritarian is wrong. These people are the cancer we must fight and finish with it once and for all. This world has serious survival issues to bother with caricaturize Hitlers. And we can clean up in the next two years with our strongest weapon, our vote.

Finally and equally sadly, New Zealand also showed us that no place is safe from hate, even the land of the Gandalf.

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