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Water Water
by Abigail George
2019-03-18 09:20:26
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(for my Johannesburg cousins whom I haven’t seen in years)

Water threaded us together
For a brief moment in time.
In the swimming pool, at
my uncle’s house. I thought
it would always be like this.
I also thought I would be young forever. Youth is always
lovely but now I’m old. Nearing

waterI have a confession to make.
I go out to live. To study
    people so I can write stories to them or about them.
Music and lyrics dancing all
over the page of my journal. Couples on a
dancefloor celebrating spirit
and their soul. The green leaf
infects me. The colour of the day.
The movement of sound in
the dancers’ arms and bodies
warning me that I shouldn’t
feel ashamed of my own loneliness
staring at me in the face.

In the end, I feared that I would
never know love but in the end
I did. I loved my brother’s child
as if he were my own. I cherished
the birth of this relationship.

I am a translator of the metaphysical
when it comes to the bonds
of family. Of lovers. I have
my neuroses. My anxiety. I
live with this imbalance in my
equilibrium. I seldom feel
unhappy these days. I’ve realised
    that happiness is a choice. The only choice. A healthy
choice. I’m haunted, I confess.

I have this longing for
activity. For writing.
For socialising. For not conforming.
    It’s not a pretty or a
lovely kind of ‘haunted’.
I just have this longing now to confess
to everything past.

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