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My political philosophy on Israel My political philosophy on Israel
by Joseph Gatt
2019-03-06 06:31:32
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I have said before, somewhat artistically, half-jokingly, that I am a right-wing, labor Zionist. I will here define what I mean by right-wing, labor and Zionist.

By right-wing, I mean four things. Military first, two-state solution, economic liberalism and social liberalism as long as the Jewish nature of the state is maintained.

isr00000001_400By military first, I mean there's no need to rush into a two-state solution to please the Palestinians or the Arab world. Nor is there a need to race to a two-state solution to please the rest of the world or to reassure the local population. A two-state solution is only feasible if it benefits the country militarily, that is if military threats to the country are reduced to a minimum.

By military first I also mean the military should do its job, and that politics or corporate politics should not play a significant role in military operations. In South Korea, Samsung, LG and Hyundai decided it was bad for them to pressure North Korea into abandoning its nukes programs, because that would result in lower sales and what not. I don't believe corporations or politics should interfere with the military's role to defend the nation, including when it comes to threats from Iran or elsewhere. And I wouldn't go on a vacation thinking that military threats will be over. Today Iran, tomorrow, who knows, Turkey maybe?

By two-state solution I mean a Palestinian state that would govern itself and pose no military threats to Israel, but I also mean a comprehensive agreement that would take geographic parameters and human geography parameters into account. I wouldn't sign a deal that would allow no Jews in any Palestinian state, and wouldn't sign a cold deal where there is full separation between Palestine and Israel. Simply because there are Jews living in Judea and Samaria, and there are Arabs living in Israel. Any long-term deal should allow somewhat flexible human movements and trade transactions. But more importantly, any deal should minimize military threats posed to Israel.

By economic liberalism I mean that labor unions should not pressure the government into making suicidal laws such as job security laws, minimum wage laws or any law that does not provide for a flexible job market, and should minimize corporate laws. Democratic economics is what I mean by economic liberalism, not the dictatorship of labor unions or CEO unions.

Labor is a sink or swim affair. You either swim or you sink and learn how to swim. But when labor unions dictate the laws, suddenly people have to swim with the people who are sinking, and people are too busy helping those who sink stay afloat to let those who know how to swim, swim. That is people should be allowed flexible labor conditions so that those who can get the job done can lead by example. As for CEO unions, they tend to interfere first with the economy, then with politics, then with the military. Plus CEO unions tend to push for laws that are detrimental to small businesses, and tend to want to kill competition before it even emerges.

Regarding society, I am all for liberalism, as long as the Jewish identity is maintained. Jewish identity is preserved and prolonged through marriage and children, but whether one wants to live in a secular, reform or conservative household is nobody's business. Those who marry non-Jews are not outsiders or second-class citizens, but simply don't contribute to the Jewish nature of the state. Being Jewish entails no privileges other than that of being allowed to marry another Jew.

Regarding the labor part, as I said, I am not all for labor unions or CEO unions dictating economic policy, but I am for a state where labor plays an important role and where people are happy to get up in the morning and go to work. Democratic workplaces should be the norm and should leave no place overworked, harassed, hazed, bullied workers. In sum an employee is not a slave, so I believe in an economy where social networks play an important role and where job circulation and job progression should be made easy, regardless of degrees, social or ethnic background.

Finally regarding Zionism I believe that Israel is a state for the Jewish people, with a Jewish government, in the ancient homeland of Israel. That's why I believe in Jews being allowed to live in Judea-Samaria, even if they have to be administered by an allied and friendly Palestinian state or if the territories have to be leased. Given all the changes in social structures I still believe that being Jewish should be clearly defined and that in the end Jews who want to live in Israel should be encouraged to come to Israel. The more Jews live in Israel, the better.

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