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Goooodmorning Vietnam! Goooodmorning Vietnam!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-02-27 08:18:21
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When I first read that the meeting was arranged for Vietnam, I smiled. Oh, the cunning little rocket man. Then I laughed when I read the headline: “The Trump administration wants North Korea to be the next Vietnam.” But …do Americans want North Korea to be their next …Vietnam?

kim002_400So let me see if I understood well, they want North Korea to beat USA in a war which will cost billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives but mainly beat superpower USA and then build from the ruins a nation which thrives economically without regrets or major political changes.

I can just see Kim Jong Un laughing with his cronies in his Hanoi hotel room about the joke but …wait; the media have a different perspective. “When Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam for his second face-to-face meeting with President Donald Trump, the North Korean dictator will have a hard time ignoring the myriad signs of American culture and development.” And what do they mean? The McDonald signs or the Levi’s and Nike adverts? And that’s the influence of the …western civilization and democracy? Have we totally lost any sense of the words?

Apart of that it is most likely that Donald’s lackeys will see the McDonald signs looking for something to feed their master and they will try to ignore all the statuses, the street names and the squares dedicated to the big …patriotic war Vietnamese won. Actually, a must-see for every visitor to Vietnam is the …tunnels. Yes, the tunnels they Vietcong used to infiltrate US camps from under. Definitely not the …McDonalds’.

There is absolutely no doubt that everybody wants peace in the Korean peninsula and everybody wants to avoid anything that will trigger a war with unpredictable consequences that can even lead to a world war. With nuclear bomb. But meeting the other side carrying for presents fake shining stones …well, it might worked six centuries ago, is not going to work now and McDonald’s is neither sign of civilization or democracy; is a sing of greed and profits and a proof that Donald Trump personally and his administration are probably the worst negotiators of anything in history.

Actually, the great …negotiator fell in every single trick of symbolism Kim Jong Un staged from the beginning and the North Korean leader has won …again even before meeting Trump.

On top of that, Donald Trump with his embracing and glorifying Kim Jong Un ego only projects his vulnerabilities. Kim is a narcissist and he definitely enjoys the godlike status he has in North Korea but he is not the illiterate savage from the jungle, actually he is a European educated man who has spent his early adulthood in Europe and by treating him like a …illiterate savage, Trump only savages his inability to understand anything beyond his stereotypes. And that makes him a …easy victim to any negotiator, even a mediocre one.

King Trump is in Vietnam naked and let’s see in what clothes Kim Jong Un will dress him!

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