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A short guide to dealing with people A short guide to dealing with people
by Joseph Gatt
2019-02-28 09:31:01
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There are basically six types of feelings people can have for you: they can be in love with you, they can adore you, they can like you, they can be indifferent to you, they can be jealous of you or they can hate you. Let me break these down for you, very briefly.

Signs that they are in love with you:

-There's tension in the air when you are around, they feel tense around your presence. They are constantly worried about offending you. 

-They are not sure what to say to you. They beat around the bush, joke around, act like a little kid.

-Their face brightens up when you enter the room.

-They groom themselves each time they know they will meet you. Men dress up neatly and shave; women put makeup on and dress neatly.

-They suggest that you hang out, or wait for you to suggest you hang out.

people01_400-They follow you everywhere you go. They drop you off near your house or take your bus/train route regardless of how far they live.

-They call you, text you or email you very often. And they drop hints in their texts and emails.

-They follow you very closely on social media.

-They get angry and frustrated if they feel the feelings are not reciprocal.

-They imitate you and your style. Wear the same colors, dye their hair the same color as yours, wear the same brands you wear, adopt words and phrases that you use.

-If you confront them, they will deny being in love, but they will tend to push seduction forward to make the feelings reciprocal.

Signs that they adore you:

-Being in love with someone and adoring someone is different. Being in love usually involves a romantic relationship, adoring someone is more of a mother-son or best friend-best friend kind of situation.

-They know almost everything about you and constantly want to know more.

-They like to share stories with you and like to hear you share stories with them.

-They are mostly sincere and try to give you the accurate facts.

-You have code words that you share.

-They are always there when you need them and you are always there when they need you.

-Conversation tends to be pleasant, very few instances of irritation.

-You barely start a conversation, look at your watch, and two hours have already passed.

-They are not afraid to tell you the truth, even if you will find the truth offensive.

-They will call you when they miss you, you will call them when you miss them.

-They remember your doctor's appointments and will call you immediately if they think you might have had a tough day at work.

-They may follow you closely on social media but will prefer seeing you in person.

-They will call you if they are on vacation or on a business trip abroad.

-They will suggest that you travel together.

Signs that they like you

-They will call you every now and then; invite you for a drink every now and then.

-They will ask you a few personal questions, and will share personal stories with you.

-They will be sincere with you and try to tell you accurate stories, but they will try not to offend you.

-They might help you with smaller problems, but will apologize for not being able to help you for bigger problems.

-Meetings with them will be cordial and pleasant, but both of you will wait for a little bit before calling each other.

-They will try to make sure they are not using you and that you are not using them.

Signs that they are indifferent of you

-They will greet you and make small talk with you.

-Meetings with them will be very short.

-They might avoid going to the café or restaurant with you. They might or might not join you for a cigarette.

-They won't choose to sit next to you. If they have to sit next to you they will limit the chat to small talk.

-They won't ask you for your phone number.

-In most cases, they won't play an important part of your daily life.

Signs that they are jealous of you

-They follow you closely on social media, post sarcastic comments, then swear it was meant as a joke.

-They will “like” your angry posts but won't “like” your good posts.

-They will call you for favors, but they would decline if you asked them for a favor.

-They never praise you.

-They will use a lot of sarcasm and cynicism in your conversations.

-They will make sure other people don't see what's good about you. They will stick to you in order to prevent you from talking to other people at the meeting.

-They have zero interests in solving your problems.

-They never introduce you to anyone else. Yet they seem to always want to hang out with you.

-A lot of what they say or do will be passive-aggressive.

-In group settings they will change the topic if you say something nice or smart or if someone says something nice to you.

-They will never invite you to consult on certain things, even though they know you're an expert and they might need your expertise.

-They will deliberately burden you with favors, in some cases favors that they don't really need.

-You don't feel good about yourself when you're around these people.

-They rarely pick up your phone calls yet expect you to pick up their phone calls.

-They will praise other people yet always seem to omit praising you.

Signs that they dislike you

-They never pick up your phone calls.

-They never come to the meetings you invite them to.

-They try to avoid you at all costs.

-If you try to get close to them, they will humiliate you one way or the other.

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