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The Pandora's IS-brides-box The Pandora's IS-brides-box
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-02-22 08:13:38
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Can you strip somebody’s birth right to citizenship because they were accomplice in a crime? The question might have reached international media due to the cases of the two ISIS brides, one British one American, in Syria but it has troubled governments and security forces for long time.

The questions don’t stop in the case of stripping somebody’s citizenship but follows with a series of others equally difficult and still unanswered. Do you imprison them? On what charges and for how long? Can rehabilitation work with fanatics of this caliber and how you do it avoiding triggering further fanatism? Furthermore, these two women are stripped from their citizenship and their birth rights for supporting indirectly …let's say in crimes against humanity, what’s next? A British man makes a crime in Spain, any crime, from robbery to murder to rape, can the British government strip him from his citizenship? And what’s next?

bagu0001_400Shamima Begum, who fled the UK to join the Islamic State in Syria as a bride aged 15, is of Bangladeshi heritage but she was born in UK and she has never actually been in Bangladesh. Despite old photos and her parents’ memories, Bangladesh is a foreign country to her as it is Venezuela or South Africa. Her home is in UK and the irony is that the only country that can expel Ms Begun this minute is Syria and the destination would be the United Kingdom.

The other surreal irony comes from Ms Begum’s newborn. According to her lawyer, her parents and some officials, the family is ion talks with the government to bring only the child in UK. Oddly a child with citizenship birthright in …Syria!

Prime Minister Theresa May has said very little till now but Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been very loud in his decision to stop Shamima Begum and her child of returning to UK even though it is …illegal! You see International law forbids nations from making people stateless by revoking their only citizenship and despite her Bangladeshi heritage, Ms Begum has one and only citizenship, British.

And since things were not enough complicated, the father of the child is of Dutch citizenship making Ms Begum hoping for a Dutch citizenship through the child’s father. Of course the Dutch government answered immediately denying any kind of favours or citizenship to Ms Begum while the Bangladeshi government made it very clear that she’s not a holder of a Bangladeshi passport, has ever asked for one or that she was in any way registered in the country.

Ms Begum is in real deep trouble and her way out of it will be a long and hard road but that doesn’t mean that the British government doesn’t play a political game withy her case trying to establish a blueprint for the rest of the returnees from the Caliphate especially the IS-brides which count to a few hundreds and their children.

The sixe of the political game is obvious from the fact that Mrs May has kept …quiet. Without waiting to upset voters with foreign heritage or more liberals conservatives, Theresa left Sajid Javid to do the dirty work and keep nationalists and Islamophobs in control while he can prove how …British he is and in the end withdraw under the pressure of the international laws and accept Ms Begum back to the country and most likely to a prison for a few years till she can abandon every trace from her IS believes. The same time Ms Begum most likely will make a few thousands pounds with interview and a book about life in the Caliphate.

Still, this is the best case scenario. What will happen if Britain insists in now citizenship and return to Ms Begum? Without returning to the questions I put in the beginning one last question. How Britain can help British people who did horrific crimes abroad, from serial murders to serial rapists and paedophiles to return home and actually serve under mush better circumstances their sentences or be freed at all from all accusations like the woman from Egypt lately, and refuse the same thing from another woman who her real crime was that she had a child with a terrorist.

A similar story of a US woman has reached the media lately and I’m sure more and more will surface soon connecting ISIS brides with most of the western world especially USA, UK, Britain, France and Germany. How UK will deal with Ms Begum establishes a short of blueprint for all these cases and the answers to all the questions stated above hoping that they will not open a Pandora’s Box we are not able to close after.

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