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Crack in the wall Crack in the wall
by Nikos Laios
2019-02-19 07:58:39
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There was
A crack in the
Wall and it was
Sucking in the sky,
the_rockssydneyAnd It sucked in
The clouds and the rain,
While a boy looked out
Of a window
In an upstairs
Attic of an
Old house.

The streets
Were empty
Except for
A woman
Sitting in a
Bus shelter
Across the
Street from
The boy in
The window
And the crack
In the wall.

She wore
A yellow hat
And carried a
Plastic umbrella,
And she was
Looking down
At the ground
As the rain fell
On the hard
Grey empty

The wind swirled
And the crack in
The wall sucked in
The clouds,
Sucked in the sky
And the rain,
It sucked in the woman
And the plastic umbrella,
And had sucked in the boy
Long ago.

The old house
Had seen it all,
And stood there
Watching the world
Go by and sucked it all in,
For that’s what houses do,
They soak in life.

They empty
The streets
And suck in
The souls
And the energy
Of life into their walls,
And the shadows
Fill the rooms
With echoes
Of the past,
And they sit down
In front of windows
Looking out at their
Own past.

All these houses
Have witnessed
The years and decades
And centuries in
City, suburban
And medieval
Cobblestone streets
Waiting for their stories
To be told.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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