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North Korean intentions North Korean intentions
by Joseph Gatt
2019-02-20 07:59:47
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I think North Koreans have been misunderstood. Simply put, the North Korean regime has tried to establish a unified Korean nation where all souls have clean souls and excellent warrior abilities. Whether they get enough to eat is beyond the point, a good warrior is a warrior who knows how to control his appetite.

nkor01North Koreans feel that South Korea has been colonized by the United States and that South Koreans do not have that clean soul North Koreans aim for. A clean soul includes unconditional patriotism and devotion to the nation and its leaders, devotion to hierarchical leaders and to parents, centrality of the family and clean sexual morals and values, dedication at the workplace and working for the good of the nation.

To the North Koreans, South Koreans have been corrupted by the American imperialists. They work for themselves, not for the nation. They are sexually immoral and have multiple sexual partners. Prostitution is widespread. Suicide levels are high, when in North Korea suicide is a form of desertion. And what's more, South Koreans drag their feet to the military service and are not good fighters.

This clean soul and valiant soldier mentality in the North applies to the entire Korean race, and North Koreans want to save the South Koreans from corruption and weak military values. Of course there's a great deal of hypocrisy in the North, as many work for themselves rather than for the nation and many put themselves first.

So what's North Korea trying to do? North Korea is not going to give up on the ambitions of being a nation of people with clean souls and valiant fighters, because those are the principles upon which the nation was established.

North Korea is basically trying to buy time until Trump moves out of office. North Korea's intentions were to become a military power first, to have a military force so strong the South Koreans would eventually fold, give up the fight, and accept to be ruled by the North Koreans. Building up a military force at the expense of the social needs and basic survival needs of their own people. You feed the soldiers, and anyone who's too old to fight should try finding their own food basically.

Now that Trump is president of the United States, and that he has made it clear he would no longer tolerate North Korea's military expansion, North Korea froze its nuclear and missile ambitions, but were never clear about whether they would give up the weapons program to see the sanctions lifted. The United States basically wants North Korea to give away all the weapons it has stockpiled so far.

Then North Korea plays the good old tricks to buy time. First they agree to give up their weapons program, then they don't follow through, they hope the Americans will forget about the whole thing, then when the Americans get impatient they repeat the whole getting rid of weapons speech.

North Korea is adopting a wait and see approach. Wait until the 2020 elections are over, wait until 2024 if Trump gets reelected, and hope the 2024 administration won't care as much about North Korea as this administration does. Then eventually North Korea can resume stockpiling weapons with the end goal of invading South Korea, and unifying the nation under clean souls and valiant fighters.

A unified Korea under people with clean bodies and clean souls, who work and fight for the nation, who serve their nation. There's a lot more to that story, but I'll stop right here.

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