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E-Mer-Gen-cy! E-Mer-Gen-cy! E-Mer-Gen-cy! E-Mer-Gen-cy!
by Leah Sellers
2019-02-17 09:10:41
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“E-Mer-Gen-cy ! E-Mer-Gen-cy !!” Trumpty cried near and far !

“There is a National E-Mer-Gen-cy, people, at our Borders as you all know, because I am telling you that you all know about it.”

“Yes, the Gangs, the Drugs, the Brown People in Caravans ( a vehicle I did not try to save when I came into office, by the way, because I was promising to save so many other things with my personal bankrupting touch) !”

wall01_400“We must Build my Great Wall, because it is the only thing that will keep us all safe from all of It, you know all of those things that we all Hate and Fear, and All of Them !

“All of this, wrapped up into my hypnotic Rally Chants, and emotionally exhausting raves and rants, so that you would remember to Vote for me, and not Hillary, is why I must declare a National E-Mer-Gen-cy !”

“The Congress has given me a Bill to sign for the Borderlands, so that I won’t hurt so many Americans by Shutting-down the Government again, because it makes me look like the Careless Bad Boy that I am and have always been ! And I’m proud of it ! It takes years to effectively Con people the way I know how to Con people ! And to Con-fuse, Ab-use and Use people the ways that I can ! I know all about creating Brain Drains ! That’s what my Base likes about me ! Heck, they like everything about me ! What’s not to like ?!”

“And my Base must love being Brain Drained and Conned, because just look at where I am ! Just sayin’ !”

“But this Bill from the Congress is not enough ! I must take money out of America’s Military Funds, and America’s E-Mer-Gen-cy Funds, and whatever other kind of Funds I can get my sticky fingers onto, for you, My People. My MAGA people, and Shun Hand-Dandy, and Annie Get Your Gun and Rotten Limberger air wave showboats, because I Love you All and must keep you Happy, Happy, Happy so that I can Win in 2020 !”

“And it will take all of you Losers to help me Be a Winner again !”

“Yes, yes, I know that National Emergencies are normally called upon during times of impending attack or War, like 9/11, or a Natural Disaster like the California Wildfires or the Hurricanes that smash into America’s coastlines every now a then, or other such things like that !”

“But it is also a National Emergency whenever Congress doesn’t give me the amount of money I want or meet all of the demands that I make ! Yes, my MAGA Base, that is a National E-Mer-Gen-cy as well !

“Why, you ask ? Well, it’s simple. I am the King….er, I mean Dictator…..er, I mean President of the United States of America. And as such, I can do anything with you and anybody else that I Want to !”

“Remember, you wanted a Wrecking Ball ! And you got one ! I am a Rule Breaker ! A Law Breaker ! A Chaos Maker ! A Rule of Law and Order Breaker and Taker !”

“So, Democrats, go ahead and take me to Court. Sue me ! See if I care ! My Supreme Court is packed with Right Wingers now, who will do what I say, when I say it !”

“I’m gonna’ do what I have to do to get the rigged Electoral College’s Number’s Game to put me right back into the White House again ! See if I don’t !”

“Now, where are my Golf clubs, because I’m off to Mired in Sludgo to find out from my domestic and foreign Donors, and Nationalist White Supremacist Buddies, and Mega Corp-Banking Elitist national and Global Manipulators what our next Institutional and Constitutional Bulldozing Moves and Grooves are gonna’ be !”

“Who needs Democracy anyways ?! It just gets in the way of Runaway Freight Train Capitalism !”

“I sure miss Roger, Paul, Mike and the Gang, but que sera, sera, and the beat goes on. They got knabbed; not me - tee-hee-hee.”

“They can just beg my Pardon, if you get my drift. But I tolerate no Rats and they all know that.”

“So, Pedro, fetch my Driver before I have to let you go because the Fake News jerks have found out that you and your Family are Illegal Beagles ! Sheesh ! Give the dog a Bone !”

“And where’s Don Jr. and Jared ? I’ve got to find out how many Russian Orphans we may need ! And somebody let me know if we can do something about the stinkin’ Child Labor Laws that are on the Books. ‘Cause there are thousands of Immigrant Kids that my Policies Separated from their Families who need Jobs ! We’ve got a ready-made Slave Labor Force waiting in the wings ! So, get to it Everybody ! There’s Work to Be Done and You All are gonna’ Do It !”


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