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Ralph Northam & closet racism Ralph Northam & closet racism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-02-12 11:38:06
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The fact that a first-line democratic official, elected thanks to the African American community as the governor of Florida, Gov. Ralph Northam, doesn’t show deep regrets for past mistakes and he repeats them by calling slaves “indentured servants” days after the scandal that has shaken Florida and the Democratic party, shows how deep racism is in USA today. Actually his lame excuse made it worst: “still learning and committed to getting it right.” This sounded more like an insult than an excuse.

north0001_400Living in 2019 and involved in politics in a state with serious racist past, to use ignorance as excuse is at least stupid. Or provocative… is like a dare game with the people who voted for him and extreme arrogance from his part. His attitude also proves that racism is not a Republican thing in USA but an issue that still divides the nation even with old geographic and historic marks. Racism is strong in the South States were old passions seem to resurrect or have never died. Sadly all the warnings were coming from Hollywood for decades and we ignored them.

It is also sad that the racism abscess broke when an African-American was president of the USA. And I’m sorry to say it is not about the Latinos or the Arabs, it is mainly about the African Americans and if you want to find the motive you’ve better look for the money. While the majority of the Latinos, Arabs and north Asians have remained in the working class, a big part of the African American community has moved to the middle class even to the richly rich level. It is not unusual any more to see an African American living in the cool suburbs, driving the latest model of a European car and directing a financing company from the executive office in Wall Street. Uncle Tomas’ days are over for ever. But this is something Trumps of this world cannot take.

A part of Americans feel that somebody else inherited and succeeded were they should have by birth right. They used to be the masters of the world and now …they are not. Actually they are forced to share the world and its riches with everybody. Even the …Germans or the French.

As historian Howard Zinn explains in his “A People's History of the United States”, the American independence was a result of the white colonists’ greed and their will not to share their profits – mostly directly or indirectly result of slavery – with their European masters. This feeling, the feeling that “this was mine” never left a part of Americans and the more some of them had to compromise in a new world where their boss and master was an African American, the feeling turned into hate and fanatism.

I’m not trying to explain American racism, what I’m trying to say is that it was there all the time, we were in denial and we didn’t want to see it. American racism lived for too long in the closet and trump opened the door and now nothing can put it back in. Proof? Gov. Ralph Northam. The man despite all the outcry for him to resign, despite all the reaction from inside his own party and the withdraw of their support to him, he refuges to resign and inflames the whole conversation calling slaves “indentured servants.” Why? Having lost the black support he expects David Duke to support him?

Or does he know something we don’t about Floridians?

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