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Ed Averill's When Push Comes to Shove Moment Ed Averill's When Push Comes to Shove Moment
by Leah Sellers
2019-02-09 09:43:50
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Investigator Alvarez looked earnestly over his paper coffee cup at the Young Journalist across the table from him and said, “Yep, I remember Ed Averill. He was that lunatic that robbed that Prosperity Bank in North West Austin back in 2018 so’s he could get Healthcare for his Dia-bee-tees.”

“Was he really a lunatic, sir ?” The Young Journalist asked with interest.

“Naw, not really. Although he wound up actin’ like one when all was said and done.” Investigator Alvarez admitted.

farmli001_400“Ed Averill was some kind of Contract Computer Hire-Out who traveled from one project to another with different companies. He made a pretty good livin’ at it, too.”

“But his health went sour, ’cause of his dia-bee-tees. Had to have a foot amputated. Had a stroke, and blew the retina in one of his eyeballs.” Investigator Alvarez explained.

“Yep, he was in bad shape. Couldn’t work for a while and had to run through his savings.”

“He got to feelin’ desperate when he couldn’t afford his medicines or his doctors or the hospital bills anymore.”

“So, after readin’ some news article about some Prisoner gettin’ Healthcare in Prison that he couldn’t get out of Prison, he set to plannin’ as safe and as serious a Crime as he could in order to get the Healthcare he needed,” Investigator Alvarez paused to take a sip of his lukewarm coffee.

“So, he decided to rob a Bank with a Thank You Note to the cashier.”

“Then he walked out of the Bank with the money, and sat his caboose down on the street curb, and waited for the Police to arrive and Arrest him.”

“Yep, follks’ll take some pretty desperate measures durin’ desperate times.”

“Ed Averill broke the Law, and I’m a LawMan, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same if Push Came to Shove.”

“The urge to Survive is a mighty strong one. But, better him than me,” Investigator Alvarez sighed.

“Ed Averill broke the Law, and he’s gotta’ pay the price for that.”

“Although, it’s come up through the grapevine that he’s out of Prison now ‘cause of some Civil Rights Lawyers and Goody-Two-Shoes Social Workers, and they’re all busy tryin’ to get ‘ole Ed the proper Healthcare he needs.”

“Sir, when I first sat down with you, you said that nothing of any real interest ever happens around these parts,” the Young Journalist chided.

“Oh, that’s just Small Talk amongst Strangers. You gotta’ ask the right questions to get to the When Push Comes to Shove Moments out’a me, son.”

“Now, next question.”

“After experiencing Mr. Averill’s desperate, life altering journey to get proper Healthcare, what do you think about Medicare for All or Universal Healthcare, sir ?” The Young Journalist queried.

“What kind of question is that you young scalawag ? What does that Communist Propaganda have to do gettin’ decent Healthcare in these United States of America ?” Investigator Alvarez grumbled dismissively.

“Excuse me ?” The Young Journalist asked in confused astonishment.


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