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Children Children
by David Sparenberg
2021-02-26 08:50:16
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I love to hear the voices of children
the sweet, melodious voices of children.
chold0000001I love their faces.
beautiful faces.
happy faces.
And spontaneous bodies:
bodies of curiosity
bodies of light and life.
How easy to love!
How easy to suffer!
And how spontaneously to share the
well-waters of emotions:
to laugh
to cry.
Theirs is the health and purity
of truth
before the learned disorders of corruption.
I love to be in the presence
of children.
I love them.

But how do children grow
up to become citizens of a world of
cruelty and want, violence and oppression?
A world perpetually at war
against nature.
A world at war
against children.


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