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Alma May's Hidden Bruising of the Confederacy Alma May's Hidden Bruising of the Confederacy
by Leah Sellers
2019-02-07 10:38:55
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“Alright, Alma May, ‘fess up. What has got you all upset, girl ? Come on, spill the beans, and let’s get on with the rest of our shopping spree.”

“Thelma Lou, I am not White enough !” Alma May blurted out in distress.

afr001_01Alma May stuck her right elbow into her friend’s face. “I got badly Bruised when I fell the other day. Look, my Bruise is Black and Blue. It’s Yellow, Purple and Red ! I’m not perfectly Pinky-Milky White anymore ! I Am Multicultural !”

“Oh Lordy, Thelma Lou, what will I ever Do ?!” Alma May continued with dismay. “I have fallen in Stature ! I am Integrated and Subjugated, and as a Woman, I am already strugglin’ against being Suppressed, Repressed, Oppressed and Depressed ! It is all just too much !”

“There are places I frequent that I know would never allow me in their doors, or at least not for very long, or even Hire me now ! I’m not White enough ! I am Bruised Goods !” Alma May miserably exclaimed.

“Well, Alma May, I suggest you zip your flippy, flappin’ lips, and put your Big Girl panties on, and just Cover it up with a great, big ‘ole Band-aid. Out of Sight, Out of Mind, I always say.” Thelma Lou said casually.

“Oh, Thelma Lou, you have saved the day !” Alma May declared with relief.

“Well, Alma May, it’s just plain, ’ole Common Sense. To keep Prejudice Alive, it must be kept Under Wraps. So, Wrap away, girl, and help the Spirit of Robert E. Lee, the pointy White Hoods and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy Survive.”

“Now, go take care of business, and let’s hop on over to Aunt Jemima’s and gulp down a few of her dee-licious buttermilk pancakes. I’m so hungry I could eat a Mule.”


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