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Incessant Stomachs Incessant Stomachs
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2019-02-05 12:05:47
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Incessant Stomachs
By Kaduka Fabian

The soil they plod on is putrescence
Their actions malodorous
Impaired integrity
As stomachs indine to the wodges of wonga
Aloof of the intended beneficiaries
Who look up to them expectantly
Incognizant of their hidden agendas

New Porshes spotted in busy streets
Their businesses revitalized
Homesteads reinvigorated
Their raiment revamped
Their offsprings shift to overseas institutions
Even their walking styles are altered
Their stomachs extending their territories

‘Mwananchi’ watches in silence and disbelief
Some lackadaisical and languid of the status quo
Innocent of the vote they cast
But rueful of their blindness
Wishing the clock would tick tock in double digits
To swap them when time comes

When that times comes
Stirrers upgrade their vocalizations
Spicing their reputation
Adoring and gracing themselves
As assiduous and meticulous
To ascend to the helm again
But it’s a wake up to all
To arise against maltreatment by the hooligans
That will soon own the continent
A big retard to development
And tarries to a better society
Since a gluttonous stomach,
Forever retains gluttonism

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