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Glad to Leave It to Vlad! Glad to Leave It to Vlad!
by Leah Sellers
2019-02-05 12:06:13
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In an Alternate World of  very smokey and irritantly reflective Smoke-and-Mirrors........

“Oh, I really like all of our Private Meetings with no one from America in the room, but you, and I. I am so proud of you, Donald. You are such a sneaky, leaky Strong Man !”

“And the lifting of the Sanctions by your Economic Cabinet members from my Russian Oligarchs, who hold some of my holdings, has been greatly appreciated by all of us. And the American People say that you are a Liar and keep no Promises - ha ! Ungrateful Louts !” Vlad declared with smirky, jerky grin.

puto001“Yeah, I couldn’t agree more, Vlad. You, and the Rabid Nationalist Bannonite Gang, have staked a place in my very intelligent brain, ‘cause we all know that I don’t really have a heart, which helps me to impale the American People upon their Pillars of Constitutional Institutions every chance I get - ha !”

“If I had a heart, I wouldn’t order my Border Patrol Forces to Separate Children from their Parents and haul ‘em all into For-Profit (ching-ching) Cages and Tent Cities along our Border. I understand that thousands of the kiddos don’t even know where their Parents are. Well, I say, Too Bad, you shouldn’t have tried to come to America to better your own little brown and black lives anyway !”

“And gettin’ involved in the Venezuela mess along with some other Countries as a Diversion from my own Woes that are steppin' all over my tender toes, and soft pedalin’ Iran like you told me to, will help me in gettin’ my Trumpian Wall up. All I have to do is start complainin’ about the Venezuelan Brown Caravan headed our way, and that’ll Rev Up my Fear-based Base, and shut those Do-Gooder-Freedom-And-Justice- for-All Democrats up !”

“Where in the world do they get all of that pie-in-the-sky-guff from anyway ? What idots !” Trump said with amused disgust.

“Well, Donald, I never took American History, but I think they got it from your very own Declaration of Independence and Constitution, my Bully Boy, friend.”

“Oh yeah, I know all about that American History stuff. I studied that at Wharton a long time ago along with my Economics classes. But who really believes in all of that. It’s Gold that Rules and them’s that’s got the Gold has got the Rule !”

“That’s always been one of my Life’s mottos, Vlad. And I think you know all about that, too, my Trillionaire Buddy - ha !”

“Indeed, I do, Donald. But you are only a Billionaire. However, that’s why you and I make such good Autocratic Dictators hiding behind the masks of knowledgeable C.E.O. Businessmen. We don’t dress in Military Uniforms. No, that would give us away. We dress in the uniforms of well tailored Businessmen, unless we are riding bare-chested on the bare-backs of small horses just to make ourselves look larger, in the beautiful mountains of Mother Russia.”

“Ha ! That’s a good one, Vlad ! Now, remind me, when’s our next Private Meeting to be held ? I can’t wait to find out what we’re doin’ next. I must admit, I’ve been havin’ a heck of a time givin’ my Intelligence People such a hard time and underminin’ their reputations by calling them naïve and tellin’ them to go back to school, and all. “’Cause they are givin’ me a major headache goin’ after me and mine over gettin’ your help against Hillary durin’ my Campaign. I’ve lost a lot of so-called friends over it. It feels good to gut punch them whenever I can.”

“My Intelligence People are supposed to be workin’ for me, not America. I mean, how can you work for America. It’s not even a livin’, breathin’ thing. It’s just an bunch of Ideas holdin’ a Country together. And I am workin’ overtime to try and UnRavel and Corrode those Goody-Two-Shoes-Ideas as fast as I can, ‘cause, I got a lot of People mad at me over hurtin’ a lot of Losers durin’ the Government Shut Down I orchestrated, and I’m worried about Winnin’ another term.”

“Not to worry, Donald. My People have come up some new and sneakier ways to get you Voted In again, my Bully Boy friend. Leave it to, Vlad,” Scootin’ Putin winked and confidently grinned.

“Oh, believe me, I am always Glad to leave it to Vlad !” Trump whimpered.


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