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Message of Solidarity sent to Health Workers in Venezuela Message of Solidarity sent to Health Workers in Venezuela
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2019-02-02 10:27:32
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Message of Solidarity sent to Health Workers in Venezuela
By the World Medical Association.

docs001_400A message of solidarity with physicians and health workers in Venezuela has come from the World Medical Association.

WMA President Dr. Leonid Eidelman has sent a letter to the President of the Venezuelan Medical Federation, Dr. Douglas Leon Natera, expressing the WMA’s deep concern about the situation in Venezuela.

‘We have learned about the grave situation regarding health, leaving doctors, nurses and other caregivers without any pharmaceuticals and materials urgently needed for health care’ writes Dr. Eidelman.

‘Over the past years the economic situation in your country has constantly worsened.

‘We would like to express our solidarity with our colleagues and the other health care workers, who despite those very precarious conditions, stay in the country and try to do their best for their patients’.

The WMA is urging the political parties in Venezuela to put the interests of the people first. Stability and peace constituted essential requirements to ensure adequate provision of health care to all and to avoid disastrous developments that could occur, such as the outbreak of an epidemic.

Dr. Eidelman says that the people of Venezuela deserved a new start for their country, including the proper reconstitution of the health care system.

‘We call on the international community not to engage in measures that will further decrease the provision of necessary health services, but rather to guarantee to the people of Venezuela to meet their vital needs, including indispensable pharmaceuticals and medical materials’.

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