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The Resurrections of Bruiser the Cat The Resurrections of Bruiser the Cat
by Leah Sellers
2019-02-02 10:28:59
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“Peggy Joy, I have some bad news, and a heartfelt Apology to give you,” Teresa Lynn said sadly.

“Yes,” Peggy Joy said with surprise.

“Pete accidentally ran over your Big Tom Cat, Bruiser,” Teresa Lynn said gently.

cat001“Oh no,” Peggy Joy said as her eyes teared up. “I just thought that he was out Cattin’ around. He does that from time-to-time for a week or more, but he always comes back Home.”

“I am sorry, Peggy Joy,” Teresa Lynn said as she gave her friend a comforting hug. “Pete went ahead and buried him out behind our barn. Would you like to follow me out to his little grave ? Pete even made a cross for him, and painted Bruiser’s name on it.”

“Thank you, Teresa Lynn. Yes, I would,” Peggy Joy said. “Let me get my walking tennis on, and we can take the back pasture trail that leads to you and Pete’s place.”

The two friends said a few words of Prayer over Bruiser’s grave, and exchanged a couple of Bruiser’s amusing escapades they had experienced in honor of the ‘ole Tom Cat.

He had been popular throughout the rural neighborhood. He was a Friendly Tom, known for Seeding Handsome and Healthy Litters amongst the local Felines who had not been neutered. And Farm Folks appreciated the value of Cats in helping to control the rodents and snakes around their places.

Two weeks later, Peggy Joy headed out her back door to feed her precious Kitty, Maybelle, before leaving for work. She was unexpectedly greeted by none other than Maybelle and Bruiser patiently sitting down beside their Feeding Bowls.

Peggy Joy was elated.

Teresa Lynn had said that Pete was in need of a new prescription for glasses, and she called her friend to give her the Good News of Bruiser’s Resurrection, and to agree that Pete should probably get in to see the Optometrist as soon as possible.

Then Teresa Lynn and Peggy Joy spent the rest of their phone call wondering who the Mystery Cat was inside the grave site Pete had dug, and so kindly put a Cross upon.

Later, that same evening, after Peggy Joy had returned Home from work, she spent an hour or so sitting out on her patio spoiling Bruiser and Maybelle, before Jeb got Home, and started grumbling about dinner being late again.

During dinner, someone rang their doorbell. It was dark outside, so, Jeb got up from the table to answer the door.

“Peggy Joy ?” Jeb’s deep voice rumbled down the hallway leading to the Kitchen.

“Yes ?” Peggy Joy answered.

“You better come on in here, Hon. There’s somethin’ you need to hear from Bridget,” Pete said.

As Peggy Joy headed down the hallway, and toward the front door, she wondered what could bring their neighbor, Bridget, all the way out to their house, when she had her own brood to feed.

“Hello, Bridget, come on inside. It’s so good to see you,” Peggy Joy said warmly. “Are Bill and the Boys
alright ?”

“Yes, yes, they’re all fine, Peggy Joy, but I’ve got some bad news to share with you. I’ve already told Jeb….Bridget paused hesitantly.

“Told Jeb what, Bridget ?” Peggy Joy asked politely.

“There’s no easy to say this, so I’ll just get straight to the point,” Bridget said nervously.

“That’s usually the best way to approach most things that I know of,” Peggy Joy said agreeably.

“Peggy Joy, I accidentally ran over your old Tom Cat, Bruiser. He was out on our road when I was driving back from the grocery store for a quick run, and he just darted out in front of me before I could get my foot on the truck brakes,” Bridget blurted out painfully.

“I am so sorry, Peggy Joy. I know how much you loved that old Tom,” Bridget added sadly.

“Are you sure it was Bruiser, Bridget ?” Jeb queried

“Yes.” Bridget said tersely. “Y’all want to follow me out to where I hit him ? He’s still in the middle of the road,” Bridget offered.

Peggy Joy was tearing up once again for her second loss of Bruiser the Cruiser, especially since she had only had him back in her life for one all too short day since his unexpected Resurrection from the Grave.

“I’ll follow you out, Bridget,” Jeb said flatly. “Peggy Joy, there’s no need in your havin’ to go through this upset again. I’ll bury Bruiser down the hill in our Family’s Pet Graveyard, and give him a proper headstone with his name on it.

Jeb and Peggy Joy had over twenty pets in the Family’s Pet Cemetery. They, and their Children, when they came to visit with their Children, would occasionally go down to the Family’s Pet Cemetery to pay their Respects, and share Family Stories of their belated Beloved Pets.

“Thank you, Jeb,” Peggy Joy said uncertainly. “I must admit that I am feeling a bit shell shocked. I just got Bruiser back from the Dead, and now he’s Dead again.”

“Oh Peggy Joy, I had no idea,” Bridget said sympathetically.

Jeb followed Bridget out of the front door leaving Peggy Joy to mourn the Second Death of her ’ole Tom Cat, Bruiser.

The following day, when Peggy Joy got Home from work, she mosied down the hill to the Family’s Pet Cemetery to say a Prayer over Bruiser’s grave. Jeb had done a good job with his small headstone. He had painted, ‘Bruiser the Cruiser, The Tom with Eight Lives’ on a large stone.

Peggy Joy smiled slightly, while wiping a tear from her eye, “May you rest in peace old fella‘. You brought a lot of Joy and Beautiful Babies into this World. You will be sorely missed.”

Early the next morning, as Peggy Joy headed out the back door to feed Maybelle, before work, Bruiser the Cruiser was staring straight at her. He sauntered over to Peggy Joy and began rubbing himself against her legs, purring happily.

“Lordy, Bruiser, what a roller coaster ride my emotions have been on regarding you, you Little Scamp. Now, we’ve got another Nameless Mystery Cat in the grave, and you back Home again, and ready for your next meal,” Peggy Joy chided.

“Come on over here and let your Human Mama give you a Big Hug, you ‘ole Troublemaker,” Peggy Joy said as she swept Bruiser up into her arms and hugged him tightly.

Jealous, Maybelle, curled her tail around Peggy Joy’s legs begging for attention as well.

Peggy Joy laughed, and ravished her two Precious Cats with Love and Chicken bits from the chicken-and-dumplings leftovers from dinner the evening before.

A couple of weeks later, Jeb approached Peggy Joy out in her well tended Garden and said, “ I see that ‘ole Bruiser has disappeared again. He probably got tired of Dyin’ and Risin’ again in such quick succession. That takes a heap of Energy, and he’s an old Tom Cat.”

Peggy Joy chuckled, “Well, I’m keeping his bowl set out beside Maybelle’s no matter what. It’s empty at the end of every day, and Maybelle’s not putting on any weight. So, somebody’s getting it. I’m hoping it’s Bruiser on the watchful sly, so that he can hang onto the rest of his Nine Lives.”


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