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Trump wants Venezuelan oil and gold not democracy Trump wants Venezuelan oil and gold not democracy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-01-30 10:32:32
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Nicolás Maduro might be evil and Juan Guaidó the liberator but this is up to the Venezuelans to decide not US President Donald Trump. Actually what Trump thinks about the Venezuelans is obvious in the multiple ways he characterized the immigrants’ caravan that included Venezuelans. Trump only cares for the Venezuelan oil and gold. Trump wants Venezuelan oil and he is employing even the Venezuelan army to get it.

moder001_400Trump’s biggest argument against Iraq war was not the invasion per se, or the cost of the army left there after the invasion but the fact that the American companies didn’t “take” an award for the help enough oil to last for life. His regret is that USA didn’t steal Iraq’s resources.

Another sign on how little the American president cares about the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan democracy is the fact that he called the army to overthrow Maduro. He literally called the Venezuelan army for a coup. To act in violation to their constitutional obligations that limits them to the army barracks and not the political field.

Donald Trump is not made from altruism; a narcissist sociopath without trace of humanitarianism cares only for …dollars. An authoritarian accidentally elected president of a democracy doesn’t care about other peoples’ rights and democracies; his only care is how to profit. And please, be careful, is not about America profiting, is not about the American people profiting but …follow the money and in the end you will always find him and members of his family.

Venezuelans, Trump doesn’t care about you, he only wants your oil. And the gold! Period.

That’s how much he cares for democracy and Venezuela Trump. You can actually calculate it!

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