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What's a "narcissistic pervert?" What's a "narcissistic pervert?"
by Joseph Gatt
2019-01-28 09:36:49
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The complete guide to recognizing a narcissistic pervert.

-They tend to be outgoing, make it sound like they have a lot of friends. They tend to have money and a variety of skills, and tend to know how to make themselves useful. They tend to have a good sense of humor and their company tends to be appreciated.

-Once you get to know them on the deeper level, they tend to remain secretive. Their secretiveness makes them even more attractive because a lot of times you will think it has to do with their profession or their ethnic background. They tend to lie about their job and make it sound a lot more fancy than it actually is. You will be intrigued about how someone so successful can have so many secrets.

narcis001-They will tell you that people are corrupt, will talk about society like everyone's a hypocrite. They will say they trust no one else but you. They shower you with praise. You're a good listener, you're a good person, you're kind, you're helpful. They will make it clear that they love spending time with you.

-Eventually they will reveal their true face. They will accuse you of being a hypocrite. You will be disappointed because you thought you were that rare pearl that was not a hypocrite. They will call you a liar and you will be disappointed because you thought you were that rare person who was sincere. They will accuse you of bragging when you thought you were framed as humble. 

-They will get offended, very offended if you ask them favors. However, they will keep asking you favors, small and big, in some cases too big to handle. You will feel trapped because you had that emotional connection to that person, and don't want to break the emotional bond.

-They will start saying obnoxious things. Like “who do you think you are? Do you have a street named after you?” or things like “you're a nobody, you're worthless.” They will cross the line by saying all the things you never wanted to head. They will criticize your house, your food, will make fun of your financial situation and will make fun of your job. However, any hint of criticism toward them and they will become bestial.

-When they get angry, they will spend hours hazing you. You will apologize and hope the hazing stops, but it will go on and on and on. The hazing could go on to the wee hours of the night, and will end with all sorts of punishments.

-Oddly enough, they will come back the day after they hazed you acting like nothing happened. The truth is, they have no real friends. Despite sounding popular in social circles, no one really knows them. They know how to act like everyone knows them. But the truth is they have had their “victims” and you're the next “victim.”

-They will start bossing you around and will be offended if you don't take their orders. Cook this! Clean this! Put some music on!

-They will be offended if you do anything without their permission. However, they will do as they please without asking you for their permission.

-They like to act like they're “intellectuals” when in fact they know very little. They will call themselves film buffs when they have seen very few movies. They will call themselves “music experts” when it's always the same songs they listen to. They will call themselves “history buffs” when they clearly have a very superficial understanding of history. They will claim to know politics when in fact they know very little about politics.

-They will call you names and use profanity all the time, even when not appropriate. They will start yelling profanity in the streets and in restaurants when everyone else seems to be staring at your table.

-They will drive drunk or force you to drive drunk, gamble and force you to gamble, drink heavily and force you to drink heavily, in some cases go to prostitutes and force you to share one with them. Or force you to engage in other risky behavior, including trying narcotics or drugs. 

-If you're a couple, they will deliberately omit to pay the bills, call the plumber or the electrician when needed, or fix things when needed. You will end up having to take care of the house by yourself, even when they're supposed to be the expert.

-If you're a couple, bigger expenses like buying a car, buying a house or other big expenses are your sole responsibility when such decisions should be taken together.

-They deliberately use sign language and codes rather than say things plainly. They like to keep things vague so you have to guess what their intention is. And yet they get angry when you can't decode their sign language or vague speech.

-They like to play mind games. .They will deliberately say something false and watch you defend yourself. They will claim you do things you never did and watch you defend yourself. Or they will get angry at you just to see how you react. 

-They get uncomfortable around your friends. They tend to claim that it's because they're not part of the group, but they are really scared you might reveal things about them that might put them in a negative light. Once you leave the party they criticize your friends, in some cases make a big scene out of your friends' behavior.

-At social gatherings, they would rather you two be isolated from the rest of the group. They often don't try to mingle with others, and they will try to sit at a table with just the two of you. This leaves you scratching your head, as they claim to have lots of friends.

-They put you under “surveillance.” They ask you who you hang out with, and will call the person to figure out whether you said anything negative about them. In some cases they might hide cameras  or recording devices in your house to see what you're saying or how you're behaving. They might check your phone without your permission.

-Finally, the claim to have a perfect life. But as you get to know them, you notice small imperfections, and the imperfections get bigger and bigger. You also notice a lot of what they say is false.

So why do you hang out with them? They show up at your door without being invited. They know where your hang out spots are. They know where you work. You want to avoid conflict at all costs, and there tends to be some reward you are expecting from them. That is narcissistic perverts tend to be experts at manipulation, by telling you that if you wait long enough they will change, especially if you are a couple, or colleagues at work. They will go like “I have this project that is really causing tension but once the project is over we will party like rock stars.” Except that the reward never really comes.

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