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Help Me! I've Been Walled Up for Ransom! Help Me! I've Been Walled Up for Ransom!
by Leah Sellers
2019-01-28 09:38:16
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“Hello ! Who’s doin’ all of that hollerin’ down there ?” MAGA Mike yelled down the Hole in the ground.

“It’s me ! Your local Federal Worker ! Thank heavens, SomeBody finally heard me ! I’ve been yellin’ for over 30 days tryin’ to get out of this Hole I’m in,” Federal Worker Fred said with genuine relief.

“How’d you get down there ? You got a ladder or somethin‘ we can use to get you out ?” MAGA Mike queried.

hosta001_400“I wish ! And I didn’t put myself down into this Hole. El Supremo Trumpo did ‘cause of some Wall he wants to force down the throats of America. Whether the majority of Americans want it or not. Personally, I wish he and his Gang of Republican idiots would focus on Problem Solvin’ instead of Problem Makin’. They need to focus on the Economy, and fair and just Wages and Human Rights for EveryBody, and Universal Healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt folks when they are down and out, and makin’ our Public Schools thrive, and makin’ America Safe and more Prosperous by formin’ Economic and Political Friendships and Alliances around the World, and bouncin’ Great Ideas off of one another that move EveryOne on the Planet toward a brighter and more sustainable, just and fair Future for EveryBody and Every Livin’ Thang on Planet Earth !”

"But El Supremo Trumpo, and his Fans, and the most of his propagandized FOX t.v. folks, and Mr. Rotten Limberger, and Annie’s Got a Gun Not-So-Secret-Vice Presidents of the White House and the Airwaves, and God only knows how that happened, ‘cause I don’t see the appeal myself, but to each his or her own, I always say, until it lands me into a Hole, of my own makin’, ‘cause I voted for the Fool El Supremo Trumpo, ‘cause I was mad at not bein‘ able to get ahead in this World by just doin‘ the Right Things and Workin‘ Hard. And El Supremo Trumpo, bein‘ the Salesman-Con Man that he is, knew just what to say at all of his Rah-Rah Rallies to tap into my rightful grumblin‘s and mumblin‘s and honest concerns and get my Vote ! Oh if I could Turn Back the Hands of Time,” Federal Worker Fred sighed in exasperation.

“It started off as a shallow Hole that I was pretty sure I could find my out of in the beginnin‘. But as time as wore on, this gol’ durned Hole has gotten deeper and wider.” Federal Worker Fred said matter-of-factly.

“I am surrounded by a Wall of El Trumpo’s makin, and Chicken-Hawk Mitch McConnell and the Ragin’ Red Republicans maintainin’. The Democrats keep tellin’ Him and Them to just stop the Shut-down of the Government. To Open the Government back up, and pay folks for the Work they are proud to do for the Folks of America. And let the Immigration Talks and Wranglin’s begin,” Federal Worker Fred continued.

“I have always had a lot of Pride in bein’ a Public Servant of this Great Nation of ours, but Pride goeth before the Fall, and the El Supremo Trumpo’s contrived Fall has imprisoned me and mine behind this Circular Wall of this ever deepenin’ and widenin’ and darkenin’ Hole in the ground.”

“I’ll never get out of the Debt and Loss me and mine have been driven into by bein’ a Pawn in El Supremo Trumpo’s ‘I Want My Wall’ Game, ’cause he spent so much of his political capital creatin’ a Crisis that never existed until he got his hands onto it as a PR tool and Hypnotic Mob Chant, and started Separatin’ Families and stickin’ them in Concentration Camp Cages and Tents along our Borderlands.”

“And I can’t blame the Democrats for any of this, ‘cause they are on the right side of it. The Government doe not need to be UnEthically and ImMorally Shut-down and Ruined for the Congress and El Supremo to finally hash out, and work out, a Good Immigration Policy that will keep all of us Safe and Treat those Folks Fairly.

“Those Immigrants are no different than our Immigrant Ancestors who suffered hell and high waters to get to America to find a Better Life and Greater Opportunities to create that Better Life with. Heck, unless you‘re a Native American, all Americans are from Immigrant Families,” Federal Worker Fred explained.

“El Supremo Trumpo, and Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senate do not have the Ethical or Moral Right to Put and Keep me and mine in this gol’durned Hole in the Ground ! They have kidnapped me and mine, and Our Lives, and turned us into Victims to be Ransomed for a ridiculous Wall filled with Racial Hate and Fear, and false feelin’s of We’re Better than You are, ’cause you’re Poor, and down and out, and in Need of a Helpin’ Hand.”

“And Putin’s Puppet, El Supremo Trumpo and Chicken-Hawk Mitch McConnell and their Republican Puppets are makin’ a profession of bein’ downright Cruel to Folks of Color and Cruel to Folks who Work for the Federal Government, ’cause the Bannonite-Nationalist lackey’s in the White House, and elsewhere, hate the Federal Government and are hell-bent on runnin’ their El Supremo Wreckin’ Ball right through it, and destroyin’ Democracy as We the People have always known it to be ! And for what ?! Money and Power for ThemSelves no matter what it does to Humanity and the World they want to rape and pillage, and form into their own Hate and Fear Filled Images of what it is to Bestially Human instead of Enlightened and Humane !” Federal Worker Fred yelled until he was a bit red in the face.

“What’s on that Red Cap that you’re wearin’ ?” Federal Worker Fred asked unexpectedly.

“Make America Great Again !” MAGA Mike said uneasily.

Federal Worker Fred laughed out loud, “I used to be one of those MAD MAGA Cappers !”

“Well MAGA Mike, are you gonna’ help me out of this Hole or not ? I’ve got mouths to feed and Shelter to hang onto for me and my Family. What you gonna’ do about it ? Stand above me at your safe distance and watch me and mine twist in the Trumpian-McConnell Winds of Chaos or help us find a way out of this Hole-in-the-Wall of El Supremo Trumpo’s makin’ ?”

MAGA Mike slipped his Red Cap off and whispered, “ How Do We Make America Great Again ?”

“Hey MAGA Mike ! Maybe the first question headed in the right direction that you should really be askin’ YourSelf is what would you want to happen if I were You and You were Me ?”

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