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Israeli elections: why I support Bibi  Israeli elections: why I support Bibi
by Joseph Gatt
2019-01-26 11:51:03
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10 reasons I support Bibi Netanyahu.

1.      He's not burdened by public speech. In Israel, a Prime Minister who frequently addresses the nation is important. That along with sending messages to states who seek to destroy Israel. Most Israeli politicians wait until the elections before they start giving speeches, and are clearly not comfortable giving those speeches. Few or no other candidates have spoken publicly on a continual basis over the last few years.

2. bib001_400     Bibi knows his stuff. As the campaign unrolls, you see a lot of candidates making the kind of speeches that stab the sword in the air without reaching any particular target. Bibi's been around long enough to know who he's talking to, and what he's talking about.

3.      Bibi has lots of connections. He's been around since the 1980s, and knows pretty much everyone worth knowing. This means he doesn't need to break the ice when addressing foreign leaders or local leaders, as he knows them and they know him. He's also very approachable, and knows how to make people comfortable.

4.      Bibi knows how to deal with enemies and hate speech. He's been put in a lot of situations where he had guys throw “free Palestine” at him, and he responds very well by having a “next!” kind of attitude.. He knows what the threats are and how to deal with them.

5.      Bibi's not afraid of campaigning for the interests of Israel, even when it means being isolated. He knows what the serious threats are, where they come from. He does not try to be a people pleaser while forgoing the threats on Israel. He did not give up when it came to campaigning against odds with the rest of the world when it came to defending the interests of Israel.

6.      Bibi knows good timing when it comes to defending the state of Israel. He doesn't try to deal with every single problem at once, but he's a master at setting calendars to solve problems.

7.      Bibi wants to revive the Israeli economy, while defending Israel's security and economic interests. He's not acting like he wants a movie made out of his life. He knows how to set priorities when it comes to defending the interests of Israel rather than his personal interests or his legacy. Many Israeli politicians want to put forward a personal legacy, rather than an agenda to defend the state's interests.

8.      Bibi gives clear speeches that are understood, using pedagogy and a little bit of theatrics. I've lost count of the misunderstandings that he has cleared on the state of Israel.

9.      Bibi's a tough negotiator who walks into negotiations prepared. He knows what he wants to get out of negotiations, be it with the West, the Palestinians, Arab states or the rest of the world.

10.  Finally, Bibi knows a lot of people by name. He knows who is interviewing him, who he's dealing with and who he's negotiating with. A lot of politicians don't really care who they're dealing with and end up being surprised by the questions they get or the demands they get.

11.  Bonus: Bibi's easy to work with. Very few people left his cabinet slamming the door, and when that did happen, there was nothing too shocking with the people who left the cabinet. Bibi's team likes working with him. Most politicians have trouble retaining their staff.

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