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Remains of Brexit Remains of Brexit
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-01-26 11:52:36
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Theresa May has NO plan B from Brexit and the majority of the British people would prefer to remain in EU than exit with May’s -or anybody else’s plan, A or B. Add to that that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t inspire anybody -including his closest allies in his own party, as the man with solution, everything looks dark and like a tunnel with no light in the end.

If …if everything said is true. But nobody really knows what will happen the day after and that’s not due to May’s incapability to offer any kind of solution, Boris’ populism or EU stubbornness and occasional arrogance but because the general situation is so unstable that offers no solution to anybody at least until the fog is dissolved.

brrrrr01_400The Brexiteers based a lot of faith to the perception that things don’t change radically in international relationships and despite to what Donald Trump had said before elected, things will have a continuation and UK could hope to replace EU with a US/UK partnership. Adding to that the allies from the Commonwealth of Nations, UK felt unbeatable. Brexit will do some minor damages that could overcome with time.

General elections would have been a solution if any of the parties had a suggestion. If the Labour Party would stand for a new referendum that would motivate all sides to take a position far beyond contemporary populism. But Corbyn refuges to stand publicly often balancing between Brexit and remain doubting the one or the other and while he is too keen to reject any plan from May he has no plan on his own on what’s next.

For May things are much simpler. There are three possibilities: (1) Brexit with no plan, (2) Brexit with her plan or (3) remain. At least she can offer alternatives compared to Corbyn’s no-plan and Brexiteers populisms. What’s next? Exactly what the whole British political spectrum expected from the EU leadership and never came, a political decision.

May is cornered to take a decision, purely political and live with the cost of it just like Cameron did when he called for e referendum. This is where the fourth solution comes to view as the only way out for her. A general election that will also act as a referendum …if. If the labour party could take a stand. And we are back to the beginning where the political decision falls to Theresa May and only Theresa May.

The odd part of the whole situation is that most of the MPs from both parties, fully aware of the deadlock slowly push their leaderships to make the final stand. What they both reject is a no-deal Brexit mainly because they are both fully aware of the consequences. Both sides know that the insecure environment Trump has globally spread will make UK an easy victim for all kind of vultures and oddly the first messages have come not from USA but from the good old allies in the Commonwealth where Pakistan, India even Australia found the timing perfect to return some favours from the good old empire times.

What comes? It all comes down to Theresa May and she knows it!

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