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GOP opportunist profiteering GOP opportunist profiteering
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-01-24 09:41:07
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Donald Trump has one and only one agenda with the presidency, to profit. And nobody should be surprised because this is Trump of yesterday, today and tomorrow; this is the way he grew up, this is what he thinks life is and this is his legacy and his inheritance to his own kids. This is how the Trump family sees the world and everything is there to serve their own profit. Period.

But a state’s presidency is not supposed to be for the profit of one but for the wellbeing of the many. And this is where the Republican Party has failed, because they were supposed to be the safeguards of the presidency and the people. If they cared.

gop0001_400They don’t; because the leadership of the Republican Party is not consist from ideas and idealists but form interests and …profiteers. And the profits for the interests the Republican Party represents today have made huge earnings lately starting with the election for LIFE of a populist far-right judge, Brett Kavanaugh, in the Supreme Court. That day marks the turn of USA from a democratic state to religious driven hypocrite authoritarianism not much deferent from the Iranian state and nobody knows if there will be a turn from that soon with or without Trump with or without a Democrat for president.

The United States Supreme Court has allowed President Donald Trump to enforce his policy of banning certain transgender people from the military. The court voted 5-4 to grant a Trump administration request to lift injunctions blocking the policy while challenges continue in lower courts. Period.

A decision based on prejudice that excuses prejudice and social racism and all because o Brett Kavanaugh. What follows?

“The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that it would review a New York City gun law that limits residents from transporting their guns outside their homes, its first Second Amendment case in nearly a decade and a test of the court’s approach to gun rights after the arrival of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh in October.” Writes the New York Times. NRA must be happy after all it is their lawyers who are going to defend the “right” to openly carry guns in the state of New York. How many more school kids is the only thought coming in mind.

What’s next for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court? Immigration! A supreme court in the service of interest, racists and opportunist profiteers.

Of course history will judge both, Trump and the Republican Party but in the meantime how many people are going to duffer and die?
How many Americans?

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