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A Mary Poppins and Harley Davidson Hawg Cure for the Trumpian Blues A Mary Poppins and Harley Davidson Hawg Cure for the Trumpian Blues
by Leah Sellers
2019-01-23 10:19:00
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Ethel opened her front door and sighed with relief. “Maybelle.”

“Ethel“ Maybelle said as she entered her long time Friend’s Home.

poppin0001_400“Well, Ethel, how could I not come a runnin’ after your phone call to me earlier. Why are you so down in the mouth ?”

“Maybelle, I never, in a million years, thought I that would say this, but I am all Trumped-Out.”

“Trumped-Out ? You ? You, Trumped-Out on your Magic MAGA Cap
Man ? You ?” Maybelle asked in utter surprise and approval.

“Yes, me, Maybelle. And don’t rub it in. I can hardly believe it myself.”

“Well, what in tarnation led you to this momentous decision, Ethel ?

“The Shutdown of the American Government, and my boy Charley, who works for the Texas Coast Guard, and his Family havin’ to move in with Hank and me, because they live pay check-to-pay check, like almost 70% of all Americans do, and they are runnin’ out of money to pay for their rent, their car notes, their gas to get from here to there, and in Texas, that always involves distances, their groceries, their doctors and medicines, Baby, Janet Lynn’s, Day Care…..” Ethel spread her arms out in exasperated despair.

“Well, I hate to say that I told you so, but, Ethel, I did tell you so. I told you that Con Man was not fit to lead our Great Nation,” Maybelle said crisply.

“Maybelle, I thought that Trump was a Strong Man, a Wealthy, Apprentice Reality Show, Business Man, who would run out the Swamp Creatures, but he’s made the White House a welcoming breeding ground for them.”

“Maybelle, the President of the United States of America is supposed to be like a Good Father -The Guardian - the Protector of All of America, and her Constitution and Institutions based on the Fair and Just Laws of the Land. Not America’s senseless Punisher and Destroyer.”

“Trump is Destroyin’ our Democracy, Maybelle ! He is a Chaos Machine with no off-switch !”

“Trump and Mitch McConnell, and the Republicans want to Bully-Roll right over the Democrats to show them who’s Boss, and they are makin’ almost a million Government Public Servants, and their Families, suffer and stress out over their Bills that they can’t pay, and Homes that they might lose, and not bein’ able to take of themselves and their Families, and all because Trump and McConnell and the Republican Senate refuse to pay them until Trump and his Followers, and his Radio and T.V. Airwave Cheerleaders get their dad-gum Wall !”

“What they are doing is ImMoral, Maybelle. It’s just rotten to the very Core,” Ethel said with tear-filled eyes.

“What they’re doing is ImMoral. You’ll get no argument form me, Ethel. I have been warnin’ you, and everybody else I could think of, about that wicked, aMoral, Griftin’ Scalawag for over three years now,’ Maybelle said as she gave her Friend a brief hug.

“Trump is busy usin’ whatever Dis-tractions and Con-traptions he can to save his own hide from Mueller, the Free Press, and the new Democratic House Majority’s Investigations,” Maybelle continued.

“Did you hear about Nancy telling him that she couldn’t invite Trump to speak to the Congress for his State of the Union Address because the Government was closed, and wouldn’t have proper security as a result ? Then she told him to make his speech in the Oval Office.”

“She’s a Smart One. She knew that he would get up in front of the whole World and do further damage to our Nation’s Democracy and Standing in the World, denigrate the party he is not supported by, and harangue his perceived enemies, while lauding Praise and Glory upon Scootin’Putin and Rocket Man Kim Jong Un . She knew that he would Lie and Mis-Use his time to create more rancor and division everywhere, and she put her high-heeled foot down on it.

“Then out of Man-Baby petulant spite, Trump cancelled her plane trip to visit with some of NATO Allies and Afghanistan, and created a dangerous situation for her and her people and our American boys abroad by tattling to the world about it, just to get his revenge on her.

“Well, I can’t say that I heard that version of the story on FOX T.V.. In fact, I am always hearin’ some very different stories from the FOX Crew than I do from you and some of my other liberal relatives. Where do you get your News from, Maybelle ?”

“Oh, I listen to them all and read stories form different sources, Ethel. That way, I feel, I always get a more complete picture of things as a whole. The Truth is always somewhere in the majority of what gets repeated time and time again regardin’ what they all have to say about whatever topic they’re carryin’ on about,” Maybelle explained.

“Some folks even say that Trump is a Traitor, just like most of the rest of his White House and Campaign Gang,” Maybelle said matter-of-factly.

“He’s a C.E.O. Dictator-Wanna’-Be. Trump Likes folks kow-towed and bowed before his ’ole knobby knees. There is nary a decent bone in his old carcass,” Maybelle continued.

“Trump has Betrayed America to the Russians in one fashion or another for years for the Almighty Dollar. He has Betrayed the American People, and is usin’ America’s Public Servants as Pawns in this sick Power Game of his.”

“Ethel, the Democrats have already agreed that they need partial Walls here and there. In fact, most already exist, so they won’t have to steal folks Private Property on the cheap through Eminent Domain, and create even more hard feelin’s over all of this Immigration Mess.”

“And it’s a Mess, ’cause for over 20 years Congress kept putting off creatin’ a Just and Fair Policy about Immigration that would Resolve things and Secure our Borderlands. But, I digress,” Maybelle smiled wanly.

“And the Democrats are also agreeable to more Boots On The Ground ’cause that’s good for short-term and long-term Job Growth, and Families, and the Economy in general.”

“And Democrats are also interested in usin’ Surveillance Technologies that will lead to more Inventions and Knowledge in those areas and more in the future, and more Jobs that will help more Families, and our overall Economy.”

“Trump is a Fool. He is an Obstructive, Colluded and Deluded Idgit ! He promised his MAGA Capped Crowd, which you used to be a part of, Ethel, a gol-dang Wall made of cement or steel slats or gigantic piles of dried-up Cow Manure for all we know. And Trump, and his Followers, won’t back down. It’s the Wall or nothin’ It’s five million dollars for the Wall or we’ll bring down the whole Government, and America’s Democracy out of Bully-Boy Spite !” Maybelle exclaimed.

“I agree, Maybelle. And what makes it even worse is that the Republicans had Power over the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency, and They, and Trump, never really tried to do anything about Buildin’ a Wall,” Ethel said poignantly.

“Oh, they talked and jeered about it, but they didn’t Do anything about it. And now, they are Punishin’ my Young’uns and all of the other plain ‘ole ordinary Americans by Shuttin’ Down the Government and refusin’ to pay the folks whose Jobs help to Take Care of folks like you and me, and our Parks, and our Institutions and Safeguards, leavin us covered in trash that hasn’t gotten picked up, untested Water, untested Foods, Institutionaless and UnSafeguarded.”

“America’s Public Servants help keep our Great Nation and Her Economy runnin’ like a Harley Davidson Hawg,” Ethel said emphatically.

“A Harley Davidson Hawg, Ethel ?”

“Well, maybe I went a little too far. I heard Hank use that phrase the other day, and it struck a chord with me. I filed away for future use, and this topic felt like a good one to use it on,” Ethel explained.

“Harley Davidson Hawgs aside, Ethel. We need to get you out of this house, and out on the town,” Maybelle insisted easily.

“The new version of Mary Poppins is playin’ at the ’ole theatre downtown. Why don’t you and I head out for a little upliftin’ ‘Super-cali-fragilistic-espiali-docious’ ?! Maybelle sang in her best Church Lady soprano.

“Oh, Maybelle, I am so glad that I called you.”

“Ethel, you have been ringing my bell one way or another since Elementary School. Have you ever known me to not be there for a Friend in need ?”

“Well, let me get a little lipstick on and leave Hank a note tellin’ him what we’re up to.”

“You do that, Ethel, and I’ll call Sam. Tell Hank that we’re goin’ hang glidin’ in the bright blue Texas Skies with Umbrellas, with Talkin’ Parrot’s Heads or better yet, tell him to ’Just Go Fly a Kite’ !” Maybelle laughed and sang.

Ethel and Maybelle cackled with hennish delight and banter as they prepared themselves for a Ladies Night Out and Away from the Trumpian Blues, and Hopes and Dreams in the middle of a useless and senseless Punishing and Nation weakening and depressing Shutdown.

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