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The universe is not flat The universe is not flat
by Joseph Gatt
2019-01-21 10:52:48
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For reasons of practicality, the physical description of the universe we often have is one represented in landscape format describing the solar system. This description is often misleading, as many astrophysicists tend to believe that galaxies lie East of our galaxy, and that there is nothing North, South or West of our galaxy, as in there's a sky which is the limit.

uni0001I was thinking about the universe and the odd thought struck me. If I take an arrow on the North Pole, and point it North. Further, further, further, further away. We don't have telescopes that can see that far away, but up North, we'd probably find another galaxy soon enough, if we had telescopes capable of seeing that far.

Now take an arrow at the South Pole and point it South. Further South, further, further, further, and you'd probably find another galaxy. Do the same thing West, depending on the cycle, you'll find the sun, then another galaxy, then another, then another, then another. Do the same thing East, and, depending on the cycle, you'll find the sun, or Mars, then further, further, further, further, and you'll find another galaxy.

Another error of the cartography of our universe is too often place our planet, Earth, East of the Sun, when it can happen to be West of the sun depending on the cycle.

Now to, let's call this, the universe black swan theory. Imagine, God forbid, an object moving at a very fast pace, faster than the speed of light, in some distant galaxy, heading towards our galaxy. Let's imagine that through some strange string of events, bodies were formed to rain down on our galaxy. What if it's too late when we observe those bodies? What if no amount of satellite technology was too powerful to defeat those bodies? That, and not an invasion from Martians, is the main threat to our existence. Yet we don't even know that threat is there.

Finally, let me briefly discuss string theory. Physicists have almost conclusively shown that all particles move in some kind of predictable motion in the universe to form the whole. To me the big philosophical question is we as conscious beings can randomly move around and change our minds about our trajectories. Are there such bodies in the universe? Or are bodies devoid of consciousness and move in predictable motion pushed by forces of gravity moving in string motion?

Finally, finally, to the grand unified theory, or general unified theory of the universe. The universe is too vast, too unpredictable a place to derive predictable laws of motion around the universe. If you study one chunk of the universe, you observe abnormalities not seen in other chunks of the universe. Planet Earth has its load of abnormalities, each star has its load of abnormalities, and each minor or major planet has its load of abnormalities.

So the question is, is the universe a collection of zombie bodies, that is dead bodies moving in motion with no clear purpose? Or do bodies in the universe have some kind of consciousness, some kind of purpose when moving around?

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