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El Greco Sky El Greco Sky
by Nikos Laios
2019-01-21 10:53:01
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The dark sky rumbled
And the landscape
Lit up dramatically
Like an El Greco
Painting, wild
And vivid
With stark

where_the_earth_meets_the_skyThe green
Asparagus stalks
Trembling in the wind,
And the purple splashes
Of lavender swaying
Among the grass,
With the air cold
And fragrant
Filled with rustic
Sounds and scents.

The chestnuts
Cracking open
In the fire filling
The room with
A sweet nutty
Aromatic flavour
Mingling with
The stew bubbling
Over the stove,
With dog-eared
Poetry and art
Books scattered
On the divan,
And the window
Shutters flapping
In the breeze against
The stone wall.

I contemplated
The world that
Winter through
The crackling glow
Of the fireplace.

I remember
Those winter days
With longing
Wrapped in the
Warm swaddling
Blankets of time.

I stared out
Of the window
And remember
That dark
El Greco sky,
As I waited for
The blooming of spring
And the blossoming
Or flowers and fine
Tender things.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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