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Threat By Tweet, Coiff and Propaganda Machine Threat By Tweet, Coiff and Propaganda Machine
by Leah Sellers
2019-01-20 11:03:15
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Just a bit of Levity…..but, then again, maybe not…..

trumtwot001“Ah, what a Lovely Family you have, my dear. Ah, and your Father-in-law's Money, where did that come from, my dear ?” He Tweeted, Twirped and Burped onto the T.V. FOX digitized airwaves with a wolfish grin.

“Yes, we’ll Look at them all, Michael Cohen, Witness Extra-Ordinaire, and My late Fixer smack-dab in the Legal Mixer. Remember, I know where they live, come Mueller Time on my disgruntled and disgruntling dime. And as President, they are Mine, so to speak, should you continue to spout and leak,” He sneered as he licked his pouty maw.

“Dah ! Dah ! That is good, Donald ! Scootin’ Putin declared. “Now, let’s practice your speech about getting out of NATO, and handing Ukraine over to Putinlandia on a Gold-plated Turkey Plate ! This is just the Beginning, Bully-Boy Friend of Mine ! We have much Demolition, Democracy De-Construction Work and World Re-Ordering to be done before the Day is Done and Won !"  Think of the Money to be knabbed and grabbed, and the Lands and Great Walls and Towers of Power to be Made ! We can spend the rest of our days ordering the Peasants about under Mired-In-Sludgo‘s luxurious shade. And just think of the rounds of Golf on the bare backs of Mules to be Played !”

“Hold on, Vlad the Drone Impaler, I need to coiff my comb-over a bit for that one. One must Look like a Global Autocratic Oligarch to BeCome One. Appearances are Everything ! I am no Apprentice at this Con Man‘s
Scheme ! ” The Donald said with petulant blunderbust, as he bit down hard on a sloppy Cheeseburger from Burger King.

“McConnell, where’s my hairspray ? The Donald chomped and spouted. “And don’t moan and groan, and Senatorially drag your feet on your way over this time. Remember I know where you and your Wife and your Constituents Live…. and you‘re All Mine !”


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