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Eumenides Eumenides
by David Sparenberg
2019-01-20 11:04:31
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river0001“Where were you when I needed your protection,” asks the blasted flower. “Instead of protecting you tore apart the atmosphere and exposed us all to the dark temperament of the sun.”

“Where were you,” asked the chocked river, “when I needed you to protect the purity of my waters?  Instead of projecting you poisoned and turn generosity into death.”

“Where were you when I needed you to protect and love me?” asks the outraged Earth. “Instead of protecting you enslave, rape, torture.  That I am sick from misuse in a fury of madness.”

Thus, says the Earth, “Beware the madness of the Earth!” Her winds are venomous serpents, her bowels tectonic-dragons. She is the resurrection of Leviathan.  “Beware the Furies’ return.”


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