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A Brexit standoff
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-01-17 10:52:27
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In a twisted way it is admirable what she tries to do, she tries to find a way to feed the whole British population with the Brexit pie while keeping it untouched. And this might had worked if everybody was hungry for exactly the same pie, exactly the same time. They weren’t.

The British people like every other nation within the EU has the right to withdraw from the Union or selectively from an institution like the euro-zone. The decision is the outcome of a plus and cons balance and in this case the British people decided that a Brexit is good for their independence and mainly to maintain their national sovereignty as they see it. They felt that the EU membership threatens their identity and national interests.

theres001_400This combines all the reasoning for the Brexit and it must be fully understandable from every other member state including the EU leadership. After all, all the EU members have one time or another felt the unreasonable pressure from the Brussels fro reasons that could hurt national interests. And that counts to the pros for the Brexit. The answer to that was a full catastrophology, often unexplained in detail, like the end of the world was reaching the day UK leaves EU.

The British people heard things like supermarkets will have no more food, the petrol stations will be empty and the banks closed. Devil dancing in the streets was never mentioned but they nearly got there. And truth said all this catastrophology would have enforced the Brexit what really weakened it was the fact that the other said, the Brexit side, dealt with all this doomsday scenarios with their own heaven-day scenarios. Everything will be cheaper after Brexit and British people will be far richer. No unemployment, no security problems, no health problems. Actually they even put a number to that, over £350 million will go the health system the day after Brexit. And that was just the peak of the lies said from the Brexiteers.

So, in contrast to the Scottish campaign where Scotland decided to reject independence and remain in a Union due to a series of logical arguments the union failed to offer even one logical argument why Britain should stay or leaver the wider European union further than calling from independence from the Brussels bureaucrats that enforce laws over our butter and milk!

On top of that while the Brexiteers gave maximum emphasis on how much Britain contributes to EU they missed intentionally to mention how much EU contributes in the British economy, the British farmers, the British fishermen, the British cars and the list is endless.

So while Theresa May tried to satisfy everybody while keeping British in the very profitable (for Britain) European market every body else was looking for …they don’t know what. Because now they know that the £350 million was a lie, that the supermarket wont be empty while the food will go more expensive, that immigrants will not stop coming from the former colonies EU or not and that while the banks will not close nobody is going to get richer. As far security, the wall is not working for USA is not going to work in UK because oddly most of the terrorist acts in UK happened from UK citizens and definitely non EU citizens. All that while the British citizens in EU are hold hostages from their own government.

Theresa May’s plan failed in gigantic magnitude setting a new record of failures in British politics. Actually every single decision Theresa has made since she became PM has failed but …there is no alternative. Britain is in a Mexican standoff, in a confrontation in which no strategy exists that allows any party to achieve …anything and yes she must go to replaced from …whom? Jeremy Corbyn or …Boris Johnson. Have any of them or any of the other Brexiteers or Remainers any idea what’s next?

A non-agreement Brexit means that UK has to start trade and defence negotiations with literally every single nation in the world from a weak point that makes UK possible victims for cannibal profiteers like Donald Trump and five years of hard recession, sign a Norwegian style agreement in the next two months or call for general elections with the prospect of a new referendum hoping that the Remainers will win.

Theresa May was leading to negotiations a nation, the tenth strongest economy in the world and now she is standing in front of a country question mark in a questionable future and is all her doing in a country where populism controls everything.

Two years after the Brexit referendum neither Brexiteers nor Remainers won, populism won and Britain lost ending up in a Mexican standoff.

In the meantime theresa May survived a vote of no confidence and she has three days to come up with an alternative Brexit approach that British lawmakers can agree on.

In other words, Covfefe Brexit!

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