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Fear of the Darkening Skin of.....
by Leah Sellers
2019-01-08 09:53:24
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Fear of the Darkening of Skin within America (or AnyWhere else for that matter) is ridiculous.
Mother Earth is heating up. Depending upon the effects/affects of the trash-chemicals we have thrust into her Living-Dying Oceans, Lands and Air, and Her own natural processes of ever evolving Change and Transformation.

Mother Earth will eventually heat up more and cover Her Skin with more soothing Water, shrinking her Land Masses, erupt into more frequent and tumultuous volcanic, earthquake, tsunami, draught ridden and plagued, tornadic UnRest or have another Ice Age.

mult001_400If She continues to heat up, those with Darker Skin will survive her Blistering Climes more easily and favorably than those of milky, rosy hue.

If it’s another Ice Age, folks with Lighter Skin will have better luck surviving for the most part.

If She covers Herself with Water perhaps we’ll all Re-Evolve and grow fish scales or Dolphin and Whale’s Skin and Dance and Play, Hunt and Dine within the Ocean’s Waves all live long day.

Events and Re-volutions within Evolutions can be so capricious and olly-olly-oxen-free.

Darker Skin, Lighter Skin - Lighter Skin, Darker Skin is Biological Adaptation and Difference having really very little to do with Status or Fear-bound Brain Chosen Tribalisms. Those Bigotries and Abusive Dis-criminations are based soully upon the weaknesses and vagaries of us Human Beings, and We Can Do oh so much Better with our Chosen Evolutions within this Realm of Human Thought Patterning.

We All need to Work at getting over OurSelves, and getting It (and many other things) Together for the Betterment of All of OurSelves and Mother Earth.

We do not have to continue to perpetuate Our tendencies toward Planetary Killing and Killing of The Other. Instead of BeComing Planet Killers or the Killer of Others, We Can Choose, with Thoughtful Discipline and Perserverence to BeCome Planetary and Other Menders, Tenders and Defenders.

We have difficult times headed our way. We and Mother Earth have done this Dance of Destruction and Creation, Creation and Destruction before.

We, the People of the World, as a Whole, have never been Good House Guests.

We have never truly Respected Mother Earth for much of anything more than what We could mooch off of Her. Our Vision of Give and Take have always been skewed toward our Own greeds and needs, and thusly our Own inevitable ‘down-the-road’ Destruction.

Mother Earth will Do what She must to Restore Her Balance in order to Survive.
We, and every other Species, are just along for The Ride. And We, for the most part, have always been rather UnGrateful Passengers, InHospitable Guests upon the highly diverse, adaptable and ever Balancing Skin of Mother Earth.

Skin Coloration and other Traits of All Species are determined Biologically by a DNA Spiral. The Spiraling Strand of Earthly and Cosmological Life, Space and Time.

We Human Beings Choose how we treat One Another and our Wondrous Planetary Home. We All Energetically, whether Consciously, SubConsciously or UnConsciously Choose…..


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