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Let's Build a Nation Based On.....
by Leah Sellers
2019-01-03 09:53:28
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Heck, yeah ! Let’s Build a Nation Based on all of our Hatreds and Fears !
Our Bigotries, Dis-criminations, Re-criminations, Oppressions, Deflections, Repressions, Suppressions and Internal Hesitations !

ny001Let’s Build a Nation Based upon the Negative Attitudes and Platitudes of :
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire ! Build The Wall (with punitive and cruel policies that cause the Murder of a few Children and their Parents along the way) ! Betray Our Allies, because there’s no Life Sucking Profit (ching-ching-a-ling) in Being a Helpful Hand or Global Stabilizer or Purveyor of Democratic Principals where EveryOne gets a Say in what is Fair and Just therefore Expanding the meanings and reach of what is Fair or Just for One and All (not just the Autocratic, Oligarchic, Plutocratic, Mega-Corporate Few) ! Break Treaties ! Break Environmental Accords (because the Earth is an Inanimate Thing meant to be Conquered, Raped and Pillaged not a Living Planet to be Respected, Sustained, Maintained, and Nurtured) ! Geese don’t Poop in their Nests, but Humans Do (poop-poopy-doo) !

Let’s Build a Nation filled with For-Profit Prisons and For-Profit Wars !

Let’s Build a Nation that Taxes the Middle Class and Poor while cancelling out the more easily paid Taxes of The Few !

Let’s Build a Nation whose so-called Leaders work daily to dis-mantle all Institutions of Law and Order to protect and maintain their own Mantle of Autocratic Rule !

Let’s Build a Nation Based upon of the whims, fetishes, selfish greeds and needs, treasons and caprices of InCompetent Leaders (and their Negative National Personae Bases - loopty-loopty-loo) !

Let’s Build a Nation Tweeted into Nuclear War at the crack of a sleepless and restless dawn by Leaders who have an insatiable greedy need to feel more Powerful and in All Powerful Control !

Let’s Build a Nation Built upon Amoral and Immoral Thoughtlessness and Lete’s Keep ’Em Guessing and Dis-tressing over Institutioanlized Chaos Theories !

Then let’s try and keep that rotten planked Nation-Ship of Fools afloat…..

Oops !


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