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Accounting and predicting
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-01-01 10:41:56
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It is a long-time unwritten tradition, for the new year editorial to make a brief account on what happened the year before and continue with a lot of wishful predictions and thoughts all dressed up with logical and truthful arguments. That was before.

Nowadays even the part where you account the important events of the last year is something foggy. Well Trump managed to screw environment for good, he also managed to screw international economy not to forget what he did against all kind of minorities. Trump also managed to surface supremacists, racists, prejudice and every kind of hate group was hiding all these years. But this is just the surface and it is not all Trump.

year001_400_01Not that he is innocent, but truth said he was just a tile in a huge domino. Perhaps the big tile, one in the beginning but he is not the domino’s …wall. The domino was there for long time and it was just waiting for the right tile to come. And it did come indeed, Donald Trump. You know, it is all staged this way that once more it becomes a Hitlerian reference. When everything will be over, everybody will say …we just followed orders.

Take for example Kirstjen Nielsen. The woman is (for now) responsible for the death of two kids due to negligence from the state and she should be judge from the international court for crimes against humanity. It will never happen but if it did her out-of-prison-card would have been “I followed orders”. And you know what, she did. And we all saw them …twitted from the American president.

It is just like before WWII when the whole world was watching Hitler and his club of gangsters and murderers changing the world with their actions in one nation doing nothing or better, conforming reality with damage control without anybody daring to stop him or at least oppose him.

Nobody seems to want to do anything. Erdoğan is ready to start a genocide in Middle East and exterminate the Kurds from humanity and we are just watching murmuring …not possible. Well, he makes it possible every singe minute we are standing there numb staring at him. Orbán in Hungary has established a banana dictatorship Chilean style and EU is in denial, these things never happen in Europe. Why? Didn’t happen to Greece, Spain or Portugal before?

Rodrigo Duterte, a close ally of Trump is a literally murderous dictator with criminal record and president of Philippines and of course ...Vladimir Putin. The cream of the cream of the authoritarian thugs of our times. Never forget Kim Jong Un on the top five.

You see its not just Trump. But even in Trump’s case …is not just Trump. Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Albert Speer doesn’t matter what they said, they were there and correctly convicted for their crimes. Kirstjen Nielsen, James Mattis, Jeff Sessions, John F. Kelly, Betsy DeVos among many others chosen to be there and execute Trump’s orders. Kirstjen Nielsen is as responsible as Heinrich Himmler was for crimes against humanity.

But again …we don’t really know what’s going on, do we? We only get the twitted part of the information. And while we found out about the two children we don’t really know how many have really died under ICE private contractor’s imprisonment. And we definitely don’t know what Erdoğan is doing with the Syrian refugees in the camps he has established in Turkey or what Orbán is doing with the refugees in Hungary or with the Roma, something we rarely talk about.

Now you see why the responsibility of accounting what really has happened in 2018 has fallen οn the shoulders of the future …historian! Hoping that there will be a future historian.

And …predictions? 2018 found us unprepared in an unpredictable and uncommon, sometimes hostile environment. And that was the intro of what’s coming in 2019. Sadly and after two years in chaos we are still in denial, refusing to react. Actually while we have spent the last 70 years preserving peace, I’m afraid that starting with 2019 we will put all our efforts to avoid war!

Now, a wish: Happy new year!

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