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Signs that they are cheating
by Joseph Gatt
2018-12-29 07:44:42
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The signs you partner is cheating on you are never 100% clear. Each individual has different ways of being faithful or unfaithful. But here are some signs, the kind of signs you won't find in other literature.

-Does your partner take risks? Risky behavior include driving recklessly, not using contraceptives during intercourse, taking risks with their jobs, or in business, cutting corners, doing illegal things hoping not to get caught, engaging in gambling. If your partner is the kind of person who likes to take risks, they might end up risking it and trying their luck with another partner.

chea001-Does your partner have a long dating history? There are two types of cheaters. One is the kind who collects different partners; the other is someone who will be in a stable relationship in parallel to your relationship. If your partner has a history of collecting partners, they might continue the trend.

-Does your partner have unpredictable schedules? One thing a cheater needs is time to spend with their other partner. If they refuse to pick up the phone, and come home at random hours, with little or no explanation, they probably have another partner.

-Is your partner trying to break up with you and make it sound like it's your fault? They might accuse you of cheating, bad behavior, or other sins and threaten to break up with you. You will strongly deny their accusations, but what they're really trying to do is to break up with you while ridding themselves of any guilt.

-Is your partner making zero effort to spend time with you? They probably have other people in mind.

-Is your partner preventing you from kissing them, touching them, or cuddling with them? They're trying to prevent someone else's smell from reaching you.

-Is your partner never discussing the future with you? They have someone else in mind for the future.

-Is your partner constantly comparing you to other people, and telling you that you don't compare well with other people? They might have feelings for someone else.

-Is your partner constantly nagging you? They are laying the path to a break up.

-Is your partner not taking care of your children the way they should, leaving you with all the responsibility of taking care of the children? They probably have a game plan with someone else.

-Is your partner grooming him or herself before they go out, are they going on shopping sprees and suddenly conscious about their appearance? They are trying to impress someone else.

-Is your partner inactive on social media and refusing to buy a smart phone? There may be many reasons for this, not necessarily cheating, but one of the reasons could be that it is easier to delete information on the cheating partner from an old phone, and easier not to get caught on social media if you don't post anything.

-Is your partner basically paranoid? Do they start denying things when you meant no harm in asking questions? If they're being defensive, they might be cheating.

-Finally, is your partner lying about stuff? Their lies could be part of a cover up in their game plan to hide their unfaithfulness. 

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