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Unfinished deals
by Katerina Charisi
2018-12-26 11:44:21
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You know what? I hate you man. I hate you because you rushed in my life at your will and made me forget how it was life before you. You gave my life so color and light, that living without you turned to be grey and blurry. You grabbed out of the still and empty being and threw me in a world full of tense, frenzy heartbeats and… pain.

unfinif0001_400And then you just disappeared. Just like that, because you decided to, without any warning. You didn’t give me the time to prepare myself. Nor argue with your decision. Why the hell you took from me the right to disagree? I thought we decided together; about everything. But you went and died and now I have to learn how to live again in grey and blur and darkness, without you. You took the light from me… Damn you. I have to live again in stillness and emptiness, while everything inside me woke up and became mayhem.

Shame on you. Is that how people die? Leaving behind them unfinished deals? You went and made yourself a firework. I don’t care if it wasn’t your fault! IT IS! You could have stayed home… How would you know? How would I know…I had to knew. Damn me. Damn you. I wish somewhere up there to…to… slap you! That’s right!

…At least will you… Come visit me…? Somehow, someway, some day? In a dream, in a sunset, in a reflection in the mirror? Somewhere! Find a way!

I hate you… I miss you. Where are you?? Come back!


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